Flipagram Prepares to Launch Direct Messaging for Private and Group Sharing of Flips

Direct Messaging of Flips Enables More Candid, Fun Ways to Express
Your Love on Valentine’s Day

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flipagram (www.Flipagram.com),
the personal video storytelling app, is launching direct messaging for
private sharing of Flipagram stories (Flips) between individuals and
selected groups in time for Valentine’s Day. With this new feature,
Flipagram users can share and chat about their personal stories directly
and privately with friends or followers on the Flipagram network.

“While public sharing and social media continue to be powerful uses for
Flipagram, increasingly we find people sharing more personal Flips with
hand-selected audiences through private sharing options such as
messenger, SMS or email,” said Farhad Mohit co-founder and CEO of
Flipagram. “By building Direct Messaging into Flipagram we’ve made it
much simpler for private Flips to be shared with just the right
audience, while keeping the conversations around these Flips on
Flipagram where they are most immersively experienced.”

Flipagram Direct Messaging enables anyone to share personal or group
stories that are not intended for broader social media distribution or
public sharing by making it easy to directly message Flips to
individuals or private groups of any size. Examples of such stories
include romantic flips between couples, flips with best friends being
candid, flips among team members, flips of kids’ adventures with family,
classroom flips with teachers, work related flips with colleagues, and a
myriad of other private or group sharing use cases.

Flipagram Direct Messaging follows the app’s recent evolution to full
screen photo-video editing, creation and browsing, along with up to 60
seconds of free music from tens of millions of licensed song clips to
help ordinary people tell amazing immersive video stories of all kinds.

Valentine’s Day is Perfect for a Flipagram Direct Message

Flipagram Direct Messaging opens up more candid, creative and fun ways
to express affection for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

“Whether it’s a romantic story of your relationship, or a candid video
of you lipsyncing a love song to serenade a would-be valentine, many
love stories are much better suited for private sharing,” said Mohit.
“Now with Flipagram Direct Messaging, anyone can be as romantic as their
heart desires, away from the embarrassing scrutiny of social media.”

Of course, on Valentine’s, many will still want to profess their love
publicly and to shout it from the rooftops. For them there is the
fast-growing Flipagram network which will feature the best public
Valentine’s Flips on the app’s, what is sure to be popular, #MyValentine

#MyValentine Happy Valentine’s Day from Flipagram

The Rise of the Flipagram Network: Bigger, Better Personal Video
Stories with a Beat

Flipagram Direct Messaging continues the app’s evolution from a video
editing tool into a next-gen social network centered around people’s
video stories. In the past year, Flipagram added social networking
features such as following, liking and reflipping, then immersive full
screen photo-video editing, creation and browsing, to go along with
landmark licenses for a music catalog of tens of millions of songs that
Flipagrammers can use to add up to 60 seconds of free music to their
Flips. These additions have helped Flipagram to go from less than a
million registered users entering Q4 2014 to over 40M registered users
today, including thousands of musicians, celebrities and influencers,
who have flocked to the app because Flips are the simplest, most
powerful way to tell a quick video story that is designed for mobile
consumption. The response has been spectacular, with Flipagram users
viewing an increasing number of videos on the Flipagram network, growing
views by over 300% year-over-year, to reach over 5 billion video moments
viewed per month by the end of 2015.

“Moments pass, but the stories last,” said Mohit. “So, while ephemeral
snaps, single photo highlights and text status updates have a place in
our daily conversation, it’s the interesting stories of our lives that
we ultimately remember and which give us the most pleasure to share.
Flipagram continues to evolve into the place where people come to share
their personal stories with friends, family and followers as immersive
short videos that can be relived time and again.”


Everyone has stories worth telling. Flipagram’s mission is to give
everyone the power to create and share amazing immersive personal video
stories with music that can inspire, entertain and inform. Flipagrams
(Flips) are easy to create, fun to consume and by allowing photos,
videos and music to tell the story, Flips transcend language, giving
people all over the world the ability to share their own stories and to
have a powerful voice. With tens of millions of users monthly worldwide
and growing, Flipagram is a go-to platform for musical artists,
influencers, brands and millions of ordinary people looking to tell
stories in an authentic way that resonates and inspires action.
Flipagram is fully licensed to allow music use in its videos via
agreements with top record companies including Universal Music Group,
Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music, Merlin and The Orchard—and music
publishers, including Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music
Publishing Group, BMG and the NMPA. Flipagram is available on iOS,
Android, Amazon and Windows platforms.

Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.


Screen shots of direct messaging for the private sharing of Flipagrams = https://www.dropbox.com/sh/irv53trokhtspm6/AAChCRFzuqyN5T2xHJGZ3RqOa?dl=0

Instructions for how to embed a Flipagram at the following link = https://flipagram.com/f/at0NoKh4k5

Additional company background = http://onforb.es/1MxXMjn


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