Fullscreen Launches New SVOD Experience April 26th

Best-Selling Author Bret Easton Ellis to Make Directorial
Debut on Fullscreen with “The Deleted”

Also Announcing First for SVOD Daily Sketch Show “Party in the Back”
Featuring Twaimz, Josh Leyva and Other Social Media Personalities

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global media company Fullscreen launches its SVOD platform Fullscreen
on April 26, available anytime, anywhere at www.fullscreen.com and
via iPhone, iPad, select Android Phones and Chromecast for $4.99 per
month. Targeting audiences aged 13-30, Fullscreen is an
ad-free service built for social-first audiences expecting immersive and
engaging entertainment. Fullscreen will feature rich content
discovery experiences, including a sharable GIF creator and unique
playlists curated by Fullscreen talent. A mood-based search feature lets
viewers find the right shows for every vibe—whether they want to “feel
all the feels,” “learn new things” or “laugh till it hurts.”

Fullscreen also announces today that Bret Easton Ellis, best-selling
author, screenwriter and social commentator, will partner with
the platform for his directorial debut on a new series, “The Deleted.”
Ellis is best known for his groundbreaking material such as “American
Psycho,” “Less Than Zero” and “Rules of Attraction.”

In addition, the platform announces the introduction of a first-ever for
SVOD daily sketch show. “Party in the Back,” featuring Twaimz, Josh
Leyva, Rachel Scanlon, and Brandon Armstrong, will upload content onto
the channel every day giving a behind-the-scenes look at their efforts
to create new programming while working at Fullscreen.

The ad-free subscription service is producing a series of fresh talk
formats including “Explain Things to Me,” a geekstravaganza featuring Anna Akana and Brad
Gage; “Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia,” an
outrageous sleepover with best pals Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark
dishing sage advice; and “Waste of Time with ItsTheReal,” in which comedian
brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal invite guests to their apartment to
talk rap music, NYC, and delicious food.

As the premier launch sponsor, AT&T will collaborate with Fullscreen to
market and promote the service with special offers for AT&T’s more than
100 million video, mobile and broadband customers. This summer,
Fullscreen and AT&T will co-produce premium content that will air both
on Fullscreen SVOD and on a Fullscreen programming block on AT&T’s
AUDIENCE Network, available to DIRECTV and U-verse TV subscribers.

“We created a new kind of entertainment experience which merges the
things we love about premium content and social media,” said George
Strompolos, Fullscreen founder and CEO. “We’re building it for an
audience we know and love—a social-first mobile-first generation. We
look forward to creating, learning and evolving at internet speed.”

Fullscreen’s expansive launch lineup includes “Electra
Woman & Dyna Girl,”
 a comedic Sid and Marty Krofft reboot
starring Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart; “Filthy Preppy Teen$,” from
Paul Scheer (“Party Over Here,” “Fresh Off the Boat”), Abominable
Pictures and Jonathan Stern (“Childrens Hospital,” “Wet Hot American
Summer: First Day of Camp”), a satire of contemporary teenage dramas;
Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier’s iTunes-chart-topping film “The
 “My Selfie Life,” created and executive
produced by John Farrar (“Man v. Viral”) and Pete Cooksley (“Find My
First Love”); and ground-breaking personality-driven programming
including “Shane & Friends,” “Zall Good with Alexis G. Zall” and “Kingdom

Fullscreen’s library of fan-favorite films and series continues to
expand with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Napoleon Dynamite,”
and “Out There” (20TH CENTURY FOX TELEVISION); “Dawson’s
” (SONY PICTURES TELEVISION); “Saved by the Bell” (NBC
UNIVERSAL); “Cruel Intentions” (SONY PICTURES); “Summer
” (SONY PICTURES); “The Breakfast Club” (NBC
Inbetweeners Movie
” (LIONSGATE) and “The Inbetweeners

Fullscreen is celebrating the SVOD launch day with a nationwide pizza
party. Fullscreen Pizza-fy Me is a
real-time activation where fans tweet selfies to win the opportunity to
get a pizza delivered directly to them. Beginning at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m.
ET on April 26, fans of “Electra Woman & Dyna Girl,” starring Grace
Helbig and Hannah Hart, can gear up for their own viewing party
by tweeting at Fullscreen about the show. Include #fullscreenparty
(pizza emoji x2), and fans can be rewarded with a free pizza. Nearly
5,000 pies will be delivered nationwide in honor of our pizza-loving
female superheroes.

With fresh content daily, there is always something new on Fullscreen.
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Newly Announced Talk Formats (Alphabetical)

Explain Things to Me
Two uniquely intelligent individuals
who happen to also be in a relationship, Anna Akana and Brad Gage
humorously chronicle their explorations with experts in various fields
such as taxidermy, alcohol production, embalming, and more. Here,
“nerding out” is something to be proud of. Informative, funny, and
investigated from a truly inquisitive eye, Explain Things to Me is
Charlie Rose (x2) for the millennial generation.

Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia
Real life friends,
cooking stars, drinkers and advice givers, Alie & Georgia host a
grown-up sleepover called Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia
that brings a guest into their world of an adult pillow fort where life,
libations and all things starting with the letter “l” are discussed.
Like “learning from two ladies who have lived!” Alie and Georgia will be
the cool older sisters who teach a younger generation how to live life,
not get caught breaking the rules and maybe, just maybe, make you laugh
your ass off while in onesie pajamas.

Waste of Time with ItsTheReal
Two Jewish brothers from NYC
with a love of hip-hop, food, and absurdity, Eric and Jeff Rosenthal aka
ItsTheReal bring their sense of humor and knowledge of hip hop history
to their kitchen table. In the hilarious and noteworthy podcast, A
Waste of Time with ItsTheReal
, Eric and Jeff invite over a guest
from the hip-hop or music world to break bread and break down the
world of music, rap beefs and state of NYC BBQ. Think of it as “Yo! MTV
Raps” meets a cable access cooking show shot in an actual New York City
apartment. Consider your mind blown.

Previously Announced Series: (Alphabetical)

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl
Cult classic. New spin. A
fresh take on Sid and Marty Krofft’s original 1970s TV series, Electra
Woman (GRACE HELBIG) and Dyna Girl (HANNAH HART) are under-appreciated
crime fighters until a viral video gives them the chance to trade small
town Ohio for the big time when a Hollywood superhero agent Dan Dixon
(ANDY BUCKLEY) comes knocking. Tired of flying under the superhero radar
but with a burning desire to stay true to their roots, the pair is
supplied with new costumes and fake tragic backstories. Sure, this is
what they dreamed of: fame, fortune, high-tech gadgets, but what heroic
price must be paid for newfound stardom? When Los Angeles falls into
crisis, it’s up to Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to battle ethical
dilemmas, growing egos, and a super-villain or two to save the day. But
can they save each other first? (8 x :11)

Filthy Preppy Teen$
From the outside, Brewster Bay
Preparatory Academy seems like a serene high school for the wealthy,
elite and beautiful. But, within its walls, personal politics and
ruthless social climbing means all-out war.

On the front lines are twins Meegan (HANNAH KASULKA) and Chaad (MAX
CARVER). After months away from school, shipwrecked, they’ve now
returned to Senior Year and must claw their way back up to the top.
Master manipulators, nothing and no one is off limits. Their teenage
allies (or enemies, depending on the day) include the new Queen Bee
Beatrix (MALESE JOY), secretly straight Braff (TAJH BELLOW), and
high-powered lawyer Parker (DYLAN GELULA).

It’s an intense, epic teen drama… but as a comedy. Created by Curtis
Gwinn (“The Walking Dead,” “The Leftovers”), Paul Scheer (“Party Over
Here,” “Fresh Off the Boat”), Jonathan Stern (“Childrens Hospital,” “Wet
Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp”) and executive produced by Keith
Quinn (“The LXD,” “Jackass 3.5”). (8 x :22)

Kingdom Geek
Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) is a nerd
from the ’80s and ’90s who knows more about superheroes than you or
anyone you know. Katie Wilson is a millennial geek raised on a steady
diet of Disney movies, theater references, and strong opinions. Kingdom
Geek is an unhinged and geeked-out throw-down of pop culture.
Knowledgeable, fired-up, and not afraid to debate each other into the
floor, Andre and Katie welcome a variety of nerd-culture-loving guests
as they debate and celebrate topics that range from film, TV, gaming,
comics, and pretty much everything else. Twenty-six (26) episodes.

My Selfie Life
Everyone has a story to tell. Bold,
refreshing, and brutally honest, My Selfie Life is a docu-series that
takes an up-close and unfiltered look at the lives of young Americans.
Shot by the subjects themselves, each episode follows a life-changing
moment in the journey toward self-discovery for several extraordinary
young people: ranging from the relatable to the practically unimaginable
— dealing with a twin’s terminal illness, beginning a gender transition
as a nursing dad, choosing between love and starting a new life in
America, publically losing 200 pounds via Instagram, and much more. (10
x :22)

Shane & Friends
Laugh until it hurts with a series that
dives into the non-stop tea spilling, shade-throwing, tears-of-laughter
inducing world of Shane Dawson. Along for the ride and bringing extra
sass is Shane’s co-host/producer, Jessie Buttafuoco. As a team, Shane &
Jess dish about pop culture, play ridiculous games and ultimately, dig
deep into the lives of their celebrity guests, serving up brutally
honest questions that others might not have the gusto to ask. On “Shane
& Friends” everything is on the table, nothing is off limits, and
everything is hilarious. Twenty-six (26) episodes.

Zall Good with Alexis G. Zall
In her video series that
covers just about everything, Alexis G. Zall finds new ways to interview
fascinating young people who do extraordinary things. Using her own
signature brand of cheerful comedy and blunt-force honesty, Alexis gets
to know her guests and audience through games, jokes, fan interactions,
and anything else that might make things just a little bit weird.
Covering topics and issues that she cares passionately about, Alexis
takes viewers on a bold and impressive journey as she says good-bye to
her teens and enters the adult world on her own. Twenty-six (26)

About Fullscreen Media

Fullscreen is a global youth media company that develops online creators
and produces multi-platform entertainment experiences. 600 million
subscribers generate more than 5 billion video views across Fullscreen’s
global network each month. Fullscreen’s network includes 75,000
creators, including Grace Helbig, The Fine Bros., filmmaker Devin
SuperTramp, Andrea Russett and Jack and Jack. Visit www.Fullscreen.com.

About Fullscreen

Launching internationally on April 26, 2016, Fullscreen is an ad-free
subscription service that speaks directly to the social-first
generation. A division of Fullscreen Media, the service features a
robust slate of programming that includes scripted and unscripted
originals, acquisitions as well as exclusive content from today’s top
creators and social influencers. The service is home to exclusive
originals “Electra Woman & Dyna Girl,” “Filthy Preppy Teen$,” “Jack &
Dean of All Trades,” “Making Moves,” “My Selfie Life,” the daily sketch
and pop culture series “Party in the Back,” breakthrough talk like
“Shane & Friends,” “Zall Good with Alexis G. Zall,” “Kingdom Geek” as
well as acquired movies and tv series.

Fullscreen is available globally on www.fullscreen.com and
via iPhone, iPad, select Android devices and Chromecast for $4.99 per
month. Fullscreen Media is majority owned by Otter Media, a partnership
between AT&T and The Chernin Group. For more information, visit www.fullscreen.com,
and check us out on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @fullscreen and Tumblr at


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