Future of Tech Support Survey Reveals Early Consumer Sentiment on Artificial Intelligence in Service and Support

Consumers Are Becoming More Cognizant and Comfortable Interacting with
Automated Customer Service Apps and Chatbots, According to New
Support.com Survey

(NASDAQ:SPRT), makers of Support.com® Cloud software
for Support Interaction Optimization, and a leading provider of tech
support and turnkey support center services, today released a new report
uncovering consumer expectations for more personalized and automated
technology support in the near future. The survey found that while tech
support is improving, consumers have high expectations and want more
intelligent solutions in the next five years.

Future of Tech Support
survey report tapped consumer sentiment
on emerging artificial intelligence-driven customer service and support
technologies like chatbots and self-healing products. Nearly a quarter
of consumers (22%) said they are aware when these automated customer
service representatives are providing tech support, and are comfortable
with the experience.

The report also found generational differences in consumer sentiment
about the future of tech support. Millennials are driving the
information-sharing trend with the understanding that data in context
helps create a better, more personalized customer support experience.
Data also shows that millennials prefer and are more open to using
automated, intelligent tech support options than older generations of

Key findings outlined in The
Future of Tech Support

  • 57% think tech support is better now than it was five years ago
  • 70% expect the quality and convenience of tech support to improve over
    the next five years
  • 31% of millennials think chatbots provide better, more efficient tech
    support; only 13% of older consumers agree
  • 33% are willing to pay a premium for tech support rather than
    troubleshooting issues on their own
  • 42% are comfortable sharing user data from devices and products if it
    enables companies to provide better tech support; 49% of millennials

“Technology support is at an inflection point. In fact, consumers
believe tech support is actually improving and it’s better than it was
five years ago,” explained Alex Poulos, VP of Marketing and Customer
Success at Support.com. “And consumers are optimistic about tech support
experiences in the future. Technology brands that understand where
customers will be in the future and start testing and deploying
intelligent technology support solutions today can stay one step ahead
of their customers – and their competition.”

Types of advanced support experiences consumers are expecting in the
future include:

  • Concierge support: products that include dedicated customer support
    representatives available to assist through any communication channel
  • Automated or virtual assistants: chatbots or voice-activated virtual
    assistants that provide answers to tech support questions
  • Proactive support: products that notify consumers in advance about
    potential issues
  • Self-healing products: products that fix issues automatically without
    any user interaction

“As the era of artificial intelligence in customer service and support
begins to emerge, the near-term solutions have great potential to drive
more productivity in the fielding and resolution of customer inquiries,”
Poulos continued. “The real power of artificial intelligence in the
future will be to use machines to learn from even the most complex
technical issues and to integrate data from multiple sources to deliver
a personalized, relevant and one-to-one support experience.”

Support.com surveyed over 2,000 U.S. consumers in August 2016 about
their experiences interacting with technology products and customer

To read the full report, download The
Future of Tech Support

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