Genesis Today Launches Healthy Superfruit Juice for Hispanic Market


Today, superfruit pioneer and purveyor of one of the nation’s

fastest growing healthy food, beverage and nutritional supplement

companies, today announced the national launch of Renacer SuperFRUITAS,™

the first truly healthy, superfruit juice developed specifically for the

Hispanic market available at Walmart and Sam’s Club in the refrigerated

section. SuperFRUITAS contains no artificial ingredients or

high-fructose corn syrup and is loaded with nutrients, containing 60%

less sugar and calories than other leading juice brands.

According to the latest report from the American Medical Association,

obesity is 40% higher among Hispanics than among non-Hispanic whites

between ages 2 to 19.

“Renacer SuperFRUITAS™ is committed to the fight against obesity and

diabetes by providing a healthy, affordable and delicious superfruit

juice for Hispanic families to get the nutrients they are lacking

without adding more calories and fats to their diets,” said Erick

Recinos, CN, Executive VP and Head of Nutrition of Renacer.

“SuperFRUITAS contains absolutely no high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS),

which contributes to the development of diabetes, particularly in

children. HFCS has the potential to trigger cell and tissue damage that

causes the disease, which is at epidemic levels.”

As part of Renacer’s efforts to better Hispanics’ health, SuperFRUITAS

has partnered with Nohelia

Siddons, celebrity fitness coach from Univision and Telemundo, to

launch “Vida Sana, Mente Sana” health campaign. The campaign is a

national movement dedicated to promoting a well-balanced diet and active

lifestyle. It will empower and encourage families to select “better for

you” products, eat healthier, exercise and live in vitality. The tools

for the campaign are available at

“‘Vida Sana, Mente Sana’ operates on the belief that providing people

with the skills and knowledge to make healthier food and lifestyle

choices is critical to bettering the overall health of the Hispanic

community. It is honorable to have a beverage company like Renacer

SuperFRUITAS taking responsibility for Hispanic’s health,” said Siddons.

Renacer is dedicated to formulating healthy products, free of artificial

colors, flavors, and sweeteners, and fortified with essential vitamins,

minerals and nutrients. Renacer is located in Austin, Texas and was

launched by leading naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist Dr.

Lindsey Duncan (

and certified nutritionist Erick

Recinos (