Healogics, Inc. Dedicates Week to Diabetic Foot Ulcer Education

Healogics October Diabetes Campaign is taking place October 27 - 31, 2014 in cities nationwide

In preparation for Diabetes Awareness Month in November, Healogics, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of advanced wound care services, is dedicating October 27 through October 31 to providing education about diabetic foot ulcers. Healogics, along with its affiliated companies manages nearly 600 outpatient Wound Care Centers in the United States, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom, and treats thousands of patients with diabetic foot ulcers each year. This week, program directors, community education specialists and wound care center consultants across the nation will visit local physician offices and provide education to help staff identify patients that have diabetic foot ulcers.

There are 29 million people living with diabetes today. Diabetic foot ulcers affect approximately 25 percent of people with diabetes. Untreated, diabetic foot ulcers can diminish quality of life and possibly lead to amputation. The professionals at Healogics Wound Care Centers treat people with diabetic foot ulcers and help them regain quality of life.

“Diabetes is the leading non-traumatic cause of lower-extremity amputations in the United States and foot ulcers precede 85 percent of lower-extremity amputations in people with diabetes,” said D. Scott Covington, MD, FACS, CHWS, chief medical officer for Healogics, Inc. “Early intervention and advanced treatment at a Wound Care Center® can help preserve limbs and potentially save lives,” continued Covington.

More than 2,000 Healogics team members will support Healogics during the campaign through education and community outreach.

If you or someone you know has a diabetic foot ulcer, you may benefit from a visit to a Wound Care Center. To find a location near you, please visit www.healogics.com.

About Healogics, Inc.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., Healogics is the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. Healogics and its affiliated companies manage nearly 600 Wound Care Centers® in the nation and see nearly 200,000

patients per year through a connected network of centers, partner hospitals, academic medical centers, patients and families.

Leveraging its scale and experience, Healogics utilizes an evidence-based systematic approach to chronic wound healing in treating an underserved and growing patient population. For more information, visit www.healogics.com.