IdentityForce Announces Free ChildWatch Service for Employers

Leader of Identity Theft Protection Services Protects What Matters
Most for Employees to Safeguard Against Fraud and Scams

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ChildIDTheft–In an unprecedented move, IdentityForce,
today announced that effective immediately, organizations who
offer their employees either the IdentityForce UltraSecure or the
UltraSecure+Credit products, will be able to also have their employees
sign up to receive full coverage for an unlimited number of children*
living in the same household for no additional charge. IdentityForce’s ChildWatch
service includes thorough and ongoing identity monitoring, fraud
monitoring, access to an identity restoration specialist, and one
million dollars in identity theft insurance. The company has a trusted
history with families, and is the only identity protection service to be
awarded the Parent
Tested Parent Approved Seal

“Children are often the invisible victims of identity theft as their
social security numbers are considered pristine, and in the hands of
skillful thieves there’s a tremendous amount of financial devastation
that can occur. There’s also a lot of runway before adulthood, which
means this theft can go unnoticed for years,” said Steven
, CEO of IdentityForce. “We’re committed to protecting what
matters most and we believe that by providing unlimited ChildWatch
protection, we’ll help deliver peace of mind to the families of the
employers we serve.”

An increasing number of organizations across the U.S. are becoming more
aware of the impact identity theft can have on their employees. Analysts
have reported that the biggest shift in benefit adoption will be seen
specifically around identity theft protection – a benefit offered by 35%
of employers in 2015, but is expected to skyrocket to 70% by 2018.
Employee Benefit News provides further perspective on this trend in its
newly released whitepaper, “5
Reasons Identity Protection is the Hot Voluntary Benefit for 2017

“With a myriad of consequences ranging from lost work time and earnings,
out-of-pocket expenses, and general disruption to workforce and business
productivity, organizations realize the need to ensure their employees
are protected,” continued Bearak. “We’re proud of the reputation we’ve
built over the last forty years, and are excited to put ChildWatch in
the hands of parents across the country who really do need one less

* CHILDREN are defined as dependents 26-years-old and under.
Children will receive a tailored identity protection product –
ChildWatch – only available with an UltraSecure or the
UltraSecure+Credit membership. IdentityForce identity protection
enrollment is limited to employees and their eligible dependents. Offer
only available through employer-based benefits program.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: To be sure members receive all the identity protection
services that they are entitled to from IdentityForce, they must fully
complete the information requested in their personal dashboard. Please
be aware, if they do not provide IdentityForce with additional
information about themselves or their dependents, we can only help
protect the information that has been provided. If they do not utilize
all the identity protection services they are entitled to receive, they
will not be eligible for a refund for any services that go unused. In
addition, no one can guarantee that they can prevent all identity theft
and they may still become a victim of identity theft even if they use
our services. Our monitoring services may not uncover all suspicious
activity and alerts require subscriber’s current email address. Fully
managed restoration requires subscribers to sign a limited power of

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