Inventor Debuts Levicle Bike in Time for Christmas Deliveries

The unique vehicle combines “the best of both worlds from the scooter
and the bicycle”

AUCKLAND, New Zealand–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The introduction of the Levicle bike by inventor Tom Mackenzie is just
in time for parents looking to keep the children happy and active during
the upcoming school holidays.

The prolific New Zealand-based entrepreneur first conceived the unique
vehicle on a trip to the supermarket. “I wanted to find a way to emulate
the feeling I got from pushing the trolley along and balancing myself on
the handlebar,” says Mackenzie.

After trying different prototypes out, he settled on a final design with
a seat close to the handlebars, eliminating the need to bend the lower
back while providing the ‘trolley effect’ – allowing the rider to feel
like they were levitating across the ground.

With a distinctive large front wheel, the bike can also ride over stones
and other objects the traditional scooter cannot. There’s also no chain
and, with very little maintenance, Mackenzie says it’s a bike to “set
and forget.”

The first production run now offers two models aimed at both the child
and commuter markets. Each model can be easily adjusted, the design
allowing children and adults to ride.

The lightweight and compact design allows the commuter to pack the bike
for the bus or train. At less than 5kg (11lb) and at 720mmx356mmx193mm
(8.3inx14inx7.6in) it is half the weight and volume of the many popular
folding bikes on the market.

The smooth and comfortable ride, what Mackenzie refers to as “the
levitating bit,” has strong appeal to the modern commuter also. The
speed of acceleration is faster than a bicycle and, with no pedals, the
rider can also use the bike on the footpath in most countries.

In 2004 Mackenzie founded Energy Mad, which in 2011 listed on the NZ
stock exchange. He left to follow his inspiration for the Levicle bike
in 2015.

With the Kickstarter campaign already taking orders from buyers in Saudi
Arabia, Singapore, London and New York, he is now looking forward to the
Levicle bike bringing the freedom of travel he first felt in the
supermarket to young and old everywhere.

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