Jardiland Streamlines P2P Processes with Esker’s Cloud-Based Purchase-to-Pay Automation Solution

a worldwide leader in document
process automation solutions
and pioneer in cloud
, today announced it is working with Jardiland,
the leading French specialist and distributor of gardening and pet
supplies, to automate its purchase-to-pay (P2P) process. Esker automates
over 24,000 of Jardiland’s vendor invoices annually and just as many
purchase requisitions. With Esker, Jardiland is able to achieve a
tangible ROI in terms of time savings and productivity, as well as
optimize its P2P cycle and accounting period closing.

Jardiland has been automating the delivery of their customer invoices
with Esker since 2007, and following an internal reorganization in 2014,
the company decided to also automate its accounts
(AP) process, which includes 2,000 monthly vendor invoices
from 80 different stores and services, as well as its purchase

Jardiland has already achieved many benefits from automating its P2P
process, including:

  • Invoices processed five times faster, a process which previously
    required 10 handling steps and took 12 minutes per invoice
  • Increased purchase order (PO) visibility to improve the purchase
    requisition process and monitor financial commitments
  • Accelerated financial closing periods from 10 business days to three
    business days
  • A single database of information for the different stores, services
    and accounting departments

“After having consulted with eight different solution providers, we
selected Esker because they offered one of the only solutions on the
market capable of reconciling vendor invoices and purchase requisitions,
while completely integrating with SAP,” said Ann Favier, Vice President
and CFO at Jardiland. “We were also impressed with the cost,
implementation time, solution ergonomics and ease of use for our stores
and accounting teams alike.”

Solution Implementation

Esker’s automation solution implementation is planned in two phases:

  • The first phase, already operational, applies to
    non-maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) vendor invoice
    automation and includes scanning, processing, validation, payment via
    SAP and data fed back into Esker’s solution.
  • The second phase will enable the processing of supplier
    invoices with POs, which includes purchase requisitions, validation,
    order creation and integration in SAP, notification of order receipt
    in Esker and fed back into SAP, and automatic reconciliation between
    orders and invoices for processing and payment.

“Esker teams apply an Agile
methodology and demonstrate an excellent understanding of accounting
problems,” said Favier. “The first phase of implementation was completed
well within the two-month period originally planned. Immediately
following the launch, our users were very pleased with the productivity
gains and enhanced ability to estimate budgets. In just two days, we
were able to catch up on 500 invoices!”

About Jardiland

Founded in 1973, Jardiland is the leading French specialist and
distributor of gardening and pet supplies, with a network of nearly 200
stores, including 83 branches and a presence in Spain with eight points
of sale, including six branches. The company offers a full range of
products and services associated with gardening, pets and lifestyle and
has 2,500 employees (5,000 including franchises). Jardiland achieved
744.7 million euros in 2014. The investment company L-Gam is its
shareholder since January 31, 2014. Jardiland’s president is Thierry

About Esker

Esker is a worldwide leader in cloud-based document process automation
software. Organizations of all sizes use its shared platform of
solutions, offered on-demand or on-premises, to automate accounts
payable, order processing, accounts receivable, purchasing and more.
Esker’s solutions are compatible with all geographic, regulatory and
technology environments, helping over 11,000 companies around the world
in their efforts to Quit Paper.

Founded in 1985, Esker operates in North America, Latin America, Europe
and Asia Pacific with global headquarters in Lyon, France and U.S.
headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Last year Esker generated 58.5
million euros in total sales revenue.

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