Keller Rohrback’s Consumer Class Action Attorneys Are Investigating High Levels of Lead and Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry

Rohrback L.L.P
. is investigating retailers and manufacturers in
connection with the manufacture and sale of girls’ dresses that are
packaged with necklaces and jewels that may contain high levels of lead
and cadmium, both toxic metals.

The Washington Department of Ecology recently tested 27 pieces of
jewelry packaged with dresses designed for young girls, and the agency
found that five of those pieces of jewelry contain very high levels of
lead or cadmium.

Cadmium and lead are toxic to people, even at low concentrations.
Children—for whom the dresses and jewelry were manufactured and sold—are
at the most risk from those metals in consumer products because they are
likely to put the items in their mouths, swallow them, or have frequent
hand-to-mouth contact after touching the jewelry.

One of the products the agency tested was 98 percent cadmium, and
another was 5 percent lead. Cadmium and lead accumulate in bone and soft
tissue of the human body and can cause serious health effects,
especially in children. According to a health expert quoted
by the Seattle Times
, lead and cadmium were found in the
jewelry at “astonishingly high levels.”

“Parents should not need to worry that the clothing and accessories they
buy for their kids could expose their children and families to high
levels of toxic metals,” says Amy Williams-Derry, a Keller Rohrback
L.L.P. partner. “The companies that manufactured and sold these products
should put safety first.”

These dresses and jewelry are available from online retailers, including
Amazon, and were purchased by the Department of Ecology from online and
brick-and-mortar stores such as JC Penney and Arkansas-based department
store Dillards.

The dresses currently the subject of Keller Rohrback’s investigation

  • Xtraordinary sparkle glitter knit popover dress (UPC 601350728400)
    manufactured by SWAT Inc.;
  • Soulmates Girl caged back three-quarter-sleeve shift dress (UPC
    613204330110) manufactured by Big Strike Inc. (coral-colored dress
    with gold key charm);
  • Beautees ivory dress with gold-colored bow charm (UPC 885872676146)
    manufactured by KWDZ Manufacturing;
  • My Michelle Girls floral dress with necklace (UPC 030121774016)
    manufactured by Kellwood Co.; and
  • My Michelle Girls lace-mesh dress with necklace (UPC 030121773897)
    manufactured by Kellwood Co.

The Washington Department of Ecology’s report is available here:

The agency has also posted responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”
about its report here:

If you have purchased any of the items reported by the Washington
Department of Ecology to have toxic cadmium or lead, or if you believe
your child may have come into contact with toxic jewelry, please contact
attorneys Amy
or Gretchen
Freeman Cappio
at (800) 776-6044 or via email at

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Keller Rohrback L.L.P.
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