Massive Global Meditation for Peace and Healing Will Unite Hundreds of Thousands

The Huffington Post and Hoy TV (The Hoy Los Angeles, part of the Los
Angeles Times) to Broadcast Simultaneous Livestream of this Free Event

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tens of thousands are expected to join a global meditation for peace on
November 29th, 6:30a.m. PST over Thanksgiving weekend in Mexico City.
The Huffington Post and Hoy TV (The Hoy Los Angeles, part of the Los
Angeles Times) will simultaneously livestream the event to potentially
unite hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide in the name of global

This free event, which gives people worldwide access to join the
livestream simulcast online, has garnered international support and will
be livestreaming from key global locations, including cities in
Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, New
Zealand, Spain, the USA and Canada.

Guided by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga, the fifth
annual global meditation for peace ‘Superclass’ will return on November
29th to Mexico City at the Angel of Independence monument.

“It is our responsibility to individually and collectively contribute
something positive, healing and uplifting to our planet. When a certain
number of people come together in meditation, with sacred sound (Naam)
while holding the vision of peace, the positive and healing impact is
squared by the number of people present,” said Dr. Levry.

To further illustrate this healing impact, the Institute of Noetic
Sciences, dedicated to transformation through consciousness research,
states that it takes only the square root of one percent of a population
to align their thinking for mass consciousness to change.

These global meditations for peace are gathering momentum each year. The
first global meditation for peace, also known as a ‘Superclass’ was held
in Mexico City in 2011, with new records of attendance reported each
time since then: Zócalo (12,000) in 2011, Revolution Monument (15,000)
in 2012 and the Angel of Independence (21,000) in 2014.

Anyone can gain access to the free livestream simulcast online at

About Naam Yoga

A non-profit organization, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Naam Yoga
is a new form of yoga that incorporates sound, movement and breathing,
increasing the flow of energy in the body to achieve optimal health and
well being. This rapidly growing form of yoga is available globally,
with franchises in the USA, Mexico and 6 other countries.

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