MEDIA ALERT: Black Friday Buying Power: Who Pays the Most and Least in Sales Taxes?

Wolters Kluwer Shows States With the Top 10 Highest and Lowest
Sales Tax Rates

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What: Black Friday shoppers gearing up for holiday spending
sprees will also pay applicable sales taxes — some more than others.
There is a wide variety of state sales tax rates, ranging from states
without sales taxes at all to those that add more than seven percent at

States that do not impose sales taxes include: Alaska, Delaware,
Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. However, there are some local sales
and use taxes that these states still authorize, such as Delaware’s
lodging tax, limited local sales taxes that Montana’s resort communities
may apply and New Hampshire’s limited state sales tax on meals.

Additionally, consumers may pay more than just their state sales taxes,
with some communities tacking on local sales taxes that only apply in
certain areas. There’s also the issue of Internet retailers who may not
collect sales or use taxes on purchases made in states in which they
have no physical presence. Online shoppers need to know they have an
obligation to pay use taxes if the online retailer fails to collect tax
– on Cyber Monday or all year-long.

Who: State sales and use tax analysts for Wolters Kluwer in its
US Tax & Accounting businesses (
can provide specific details for reporters regarding state sales and use
tax collections as well as state tax compliance rules for e-commerce

Other state sales and use tax issues impacting holiday shoppers that
Wolters Kluwer tax experts can address include:

  • Changes in state sales tax rates over time
  • Whether online shoppers have to report unpaid sales taxes on their
    Form 1040 returns
  • What some state governments are doing to ensure the proper collection
    of tax

When: Wolters Kluwer sales and use tax experts are available for
phone interviews to provide background and analysis on state-related tax
topics throughout the holiday shopping season.

Where: Additional details are provided in the accompanying
Wolters Kluwer, CCH Smart Chart™ of the latest 2015 State Sales
Tax Rates (state-level sales taxes only). Smart
provide highly visual and easy-to-find information on
hundreds of federal and state tax topics via the powerful CCH®
® research platform.

Don’t see your state listed? Need to talk with an expert? For
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