New Enrichment Program Enables Denver Kids to Learn Technology Skills

Silicon STEM Academy fills gap in technology training with fun
after-school, weekend and summer programs

STEM Academy
(SSA) is a new enrichment program launching in Denver
to teach kids aged 11-17 computer programming, robotics, digital media
and other technology skills. SSA was created to help fill the STEM
education gap left by most schools, while providing a fun, hands-on
enrichment activity for tech kids.

Silicon STEM Academy offers a range of classes that help kids learn
different skills, including:

  • Computer programming, including Java, JavaScript & Python
  • Robotics and Arduino electronics
  • Game design and animation
  • Girls-only tech classes
  • Mobile app development in Android
  • Digital media including Photoshop and video editing

Weekend workshops include Minecraft Modding, Build Your Own Computer,
and the popular Saturday Hack Club. In addition, SSA will also have a
robust array of summer camps for kids as young as eight years old.

“We started the SSA training center because we had a son who wanted to
learn a programming language at the age of 12, but there were no options
for him,” said SSA co-founder John Scarborough. “That was 8 years ago,
and even though STEM education has become a national initiative, there’s
still nothing like this available. There are enrichment programs for
kids who are into sports, music, art and dance, but none for the ‘tech

“In an age where gaming, texting and social media tend to isolate
people, our hope is to bring ‘tech kids’ out of the solitude of their
bedrooms into a collaborative, innovative environment,” said Kelly
Scarborough, SSA co-founder. “Our staff are committed to making our
classes fun, creative and engaging for our students, who will come away
with real skills for life.”

SSA also sees the need for technology training in the workplace. In
Colorado alone, there are almost 16,000 open computer-programming jobs,
yet the state produced fewer than 500 computer science graduates last
year. This is due in part to the fact that there are no statewide K-12
computer science requirements in our schools. To address these
shortcomings, SSA will also offer classes for adults who want to reboot
their careers.

Silicon STEM Academy has hired a team of highly qualified technology
instructors, ranging from experienced robotics teachers, to skilled
computer programmers and digital media specialists. This blend of
real-world expertise and certified teachers ensures that students
receive training that prepares them for college entry or a technology

To learn more about Silicon STEM Academy, parents and educators have
several options.

  • Attend a free open house at Silicon STEM Academy’s state-of-the-art
    training facility at 4201 E. Yale Avenue in Denver on either Saturday,
    December 5 or Saturday, December 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    During the open house, kids and parents can meet the instructors,
    learn more about the courses offered, and see live robotics
    demonstrations. Registration
    for the open house
    is appreciated, but not required.
  • Check out more specifics at
    or call for a tour of the training center – 303-800-0011.

“We are here to help prepare today’s kids – the tech generation – for
the future of computers, technology and innovation,” continued John
Scarborough. “Those who attend SSA will see that technology is cool, fun
and creative. Oh, and by the way, Gates and Zuckerberg started learning
to code when they were in middle school.”

About Silicon STEM Academy

Silicon STEM Academy is an after-school technology enrichment program
geared toward middle and high school students. Its tech programs and
STEM courses include computer programming, robotics, electronics &
circuitry, and digital media. Designed to meet the needs of tech kids
where their schools often fall short—public, private or charter—it
provides real-world technology skills in a fun, hands-on and
collaborative workspace for students interested in
technology. Headquartered in Denver, Colo., Silicon STEM Academy was
co-founded by successful technology executives who saw a lack of a
technology-skilled workforce. Course times and curriculum are available


Four Corners Communications for Silicon STEM Academy
Claire Mylott,