Nintendo News: Nintendo Download Highlights New Digital Content for Nintendo Systems

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

    • Hyrule
      Warriors Legends
      – Cut down entire legions of enemies
      as fan-favorite characters from The Legend of Zelda series
      using powerful moves, as the Hyrule Warriors game comes to
      the Nintendo 3DS system. Control multiple characters to enhance
      your strategies, and enjoy new story elements with playable
      characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, such
      as Tetra and King Daphnes. Take advantage of an epic discount when
      you buy all DLC packs in a single purchase with the Legends of
      Hyrule Season Pass, sold separately. You’ll also get an exclusive The
      Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
      -themed Ganondorf costume for
      immediate use in the game, then download the additional DLC packs
      as they become available throughout the year.
  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U

    • Shantae:
      Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut
      Shantae: Risky’s
      Revenge – Director’s Cut
      brings hair-whipping, belly-dancing
      action to the Wii U console. The most popular game in the Shantae
      series now has HD illustrations, a Magic Mode Costume and new Warp
      System. Click here
      to see a trailer for the game.
  • Virtual Console on New Nintendo 3DS

    • Donkey
      Kong Country
      – The Super NES masterpiece is now on New
      Nintendo 3DS! Play more than 100 levels filled with collectibles
      and hidden bonus levels of platforming action. With the help of
      Donkey Kong’s quirky family, animal friends and your fast
      reflexes, the dynamic duo of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will prove
      to be an unstoppable force.
    • Super
      Mario Kart
      – Take to the roads with your favorite
      Mario characters in the first game of this iconic series! Super
      Mario Kart
      offers crazy tracks that will test your gears. Use
      classic power-ups and gain the advantage to make it to the finish
    • EarthBound
      – Intergalactic terror strikes the small town of Onett as a
      blazing extraterrestrial object crashes in the night. Earth now
      faces imminent destruction by the universal evil threat, Giygas. A
      courageous boy named Ness and his three friends vow to save the
      planet from hideous destruction. Acclaimed RPG EarthBound
      is a great game to take on the go.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U

    • Yoshi’s
      – Baby Bowser has taken the Super Happy Tree and
      put a spell on Yoshi Island. In this charming Nintendo 64 game,
      it’s up to a few remaining Yoshi characters to restore everything
      to its rightful place as they run, ground-pound, flutter-jump,
      throw eggs and traverse a colorful storybook-looking world.
      Complete a course in Story Mode, and then best your high score in
      Trial Mode.

Nintendo eShop sales:

New DLC:

  • Fire Emblem Fates – New DLC MapHidden
    Truths (1 and 2)
    – The secret prologue to the world of the Fire
    Emblem Fates
    games, this two-map set is now available to download
    in the game for only $4.49.
  • Fire Emblem Fates – Map Pack 1 – As a reminder,
    anyone who owns either Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright or Fire
    Emblem Fates: Conquest
    can purchase Map Pack 1 in-game at Dragon’s
    Gate for $17.99 to get access to 11 DLC maps plus bonus content as it
    is released weekly through April 21. Map Pack 1 content is priced at
    more than $24 when purchased individually.


  • Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge – For a
    limited time, get a download code for early access to the Mini
    Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge
    game. Just buy any amiibo
    figure from a participating retailer between March 25 and April 27,
    and you’ll get early access to the game. Download this game for free
    on your Nintendo 3DS system or Wii U console, then tap any amiibo
    figure to get started. Click here:
  • National StreetPass Weekend: Spring Edition – Swing into spring
    with Nintendo 3DS! From March 25 to March 27, collect up to six
    StreetPass tags from across North America when you stop by a Nintendo
    Zone location with your Nintendo 3DS family system. While you’re out
    and about, be sure to take advantage of the cool StreetPass features
    in many popular games. To find a Nintendo Zone near you, visit

Also new this week:

In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also
offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their
systems. Nintendo adds new games weekly to Nintendo eShop on the Wii U
console and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, the Nintendo DSi
Shop for the Nintendo DSi system and the Wii Shop Channel
for the Wii console.

Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service that features a wide variety of
content, including new and classic games, applications and demos. Users
can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or
purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card at a retail store and entering the code
from the card. All funds from one card must be loaded in Nintendo eShop
on either Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but can be used
in either Nintendo eShop if the systems are linked to a single Nintendo
Network account.

The Wii Shop Channel offers games and applications and uses Wii Points,
which can be purchased via the Wii Shop Channel. The Nintendo DSi Shop
offers games and applications and uses Nintendo DSi Points,
which can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Remember that Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS
and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage some
of the content their children can access. For more information about
this and other features, visit

Note to editors: Nintendo press materials are available at,
a password-protected site. To obtain a login, please register on the


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