Notal Vision Achieves Medicare Coverage For ForeseeHome

Eligible patients enrolled in Medicare across the U.S. now have
access to at-home telemonitoring for age-related macular degeneration
(AMD) progression

CHANTILLY, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Notal Vision, Inc. is pleased to announce that the ForeseeHome AMD
Monitoring Program is now available for eligible Medicare patients
across the U.S. ForeseeHome is available by prescription for patients
with Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) at high risk for
developing Wet AMD.

The clinical utility for ForeseeHome was established in the Home
Monitoring of the Eye (HOME) Study, part of a National Eye
Institute-sponsored study, where over 1500 patients were enrolled across
44 centers. The study was designed to evaluate whether ForeseeHome
resulted in earlier detection of wet AMD compared to standard of care.
94% of patients using ForeseeHome who progressed to wet AMD maintained
20/40 or better vision, the cutoff for driving vision, compared to only
62% in the standard of care arm. In comparison, only 13-36% of wet AMD
diagnosed in community-based studies and other key studies. The level of
early wet AMD detection achieved by ForeseeHome, significantly increases
the proportion of individuals diagnosed with functional vision. Early
detection significantly increases the physician’s ability to preserve
the patient’s vision.

“Notal Vision is extremely pleased to achieve this significant milestone
with the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring System. We have worked diligently
for almost two years with the goal of ensuring this device is available
to eligible patients enrolled in Medicare. Ultimately what this achieves
is greater access to a first-of-its kind telemonitoring technology in
Ophthalmology that helps AMD patients preserve their vision,” said Dr.
Barak Azmon, CEO of Notal Vision.

Notal Vision is committed to providing support to eyecare physicians and
their patients with the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program. Information
on prescribing ForeseeHome can be found at
or by contacting Notal Vision at 1-888-910-2020.

About Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of severe
vision loss and blindness in adults over age 50. The early stage of the
disease, known as dry AMD, causes damage to the part of the retina
called the macula, which is responsible for detailed central vision
tasks like reading, driving and facial recognition. Patients with dry
AMD may progress to the wet form of AMD, in which blood vessels form and
may leak fluid and blood onto the retina. Several studies indicate that
early detection of warning signs of disease progression provides
patients the best chance to start therapy and maintain good vision and a
better quality of life.

About ForeseeHome Monitoring

ForeseeHome Monitoring uses a technology known as preferential
hyperacuity perimetry (PHP) to detect pattern defects in 500 points in
the central 14° of a patient’s retina. Over 1 million tests have been
performed using the ForeseeHome device. The test, which takes about 3
minutes, per eye is simple to perform, and results are automatically
transferred to the Notal Vision monitoring center and are available to
the patient’s eye doctor through a secure website. When a statistically
significant change is detected on a patient’s test, Notal Vision sends a
prompt to the doctor to schedule a follow up appointment.

About Notal Vision, Inc.

Notal Vision was founded by two ophthalmologists, and is committed to
providing retina specialists with innovative, home-based, technology
solutions that support visual health in patients with AMD. The company’s
ForeseeHome® device is the first FDA-cleared home
telemonitoring device that detects and characterizes visual distortion
in AMD patients as an aid to monitoring progression to choroidal


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