OurPlan Fixes the Worst Part of Having Friends

New Social App Simplifies Making Plans With Friends + Meeting New People
Through Shared Activities and Interests

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OurPlan, the only app that allows users to easily manage their social
lives, was released today to tremendous enthusiasm, finally allowing its
iPhone waitlist of 175,000 people to download.

Want to meet co-workers for an after work drink, someone new to see your
favorite band, or friends for yoga and Sunday brunch? You’re facing
endless group texts, dozens of emails, unhelpful Facebook posts, or
resorting to Craigslist and sketchy dating apps just to maintain a
normal social life!

“I was inspired to create OurPlan when trying to help a friend find
someone to join her at a concert after her planned date bailed two hours
before the show. After urgent texting, Facebook posts, calling friends,
and deciding Craigslist wasn’t worth the hassle, she ended up not going.
With nothing on the mobile landscape that could work, I identified the
need for an app that gave users peace of mind when trying to be active
with friends or meet new people,” said Stav Vaisman, CEO and Co-Founder.

On OurPlan, it’s simple to make plans. You create an event, open it up
to your selected invitees, and watch as they swipe in and accept your
plans, all without infuriating group texts or unchecked Facebook
invites. You can post an activity for all of your Facebook friends using
the app, non-Facebook friends, specific people, specific genders, or
everyone within your preferred geographical radius. Each activity will
be centered in a “Joining Me” screen with a unique rotary dial design,
where users who are interested in participating will appear, enabling
you to preview their profile, chat, and then decide whether to include
them. With a chronological interface that displays upcoming activities
and users limited to only posting activities that will take place within
the following 48 hours, OurPlan creates the perfect environment for
making and actually following through with plans. Plus, with over 200
integrated emoji icons, a puppy play date, girls’ night out, drinks, a
workout, dinner, or movie night can be communicated with just one image.

Businesses and organizations can also utilize the features of OurPlan
for marketing and networking opportunities. Special events, store sales,
fraternity events, trunk shows, and many more events can be made public
to draw a local audience and achieve exposure. Small businesses can
easily find new customers based on specific interests: trainers can hold
fitness events to attract new clients, musicians can invite fans to
local gigs, bars can promote their happy hour, and business leaders can
set up networking opportunities and job interviews.

OurPlan takes social planning to a new level, offering a user-friendly
and user-centric experience unlike anything else. No more endless and
annoying group chats, emails, texts, and posts; no more boring dates; no
more making plans that don’t happen – OurPlan users will never be stuck
at home with nothing to do!

Download OurPlan: www.ourplanapp.com/download


Emma Malisewski