PADF, OAS and Salvadorian Foreign Ministry Announce Conference on Private Sector and Diaspora Investments in Education

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, the Organization of

American States, and the Pan

American Development Foundation will jointly host a regional

conference in San Salvador on June 27, 2012 that will focus on

private sector and diaspora investments in education in Central America.

The conference titled “Education in Central America: the Commitment of

Diasporas, Governments, and the Private Sector in Education for

Development” will bring together business leaders, diaspora

associations, civil society members, educational institutions, and

high-level labor and education government representatives from across

the region. This event is part of a larger initiative funded by the Tinker

Foundation, Citi,

and MoneyGram

that seeks to establish alliances among diaspora groups, governments,

and the private sector to promote investments in education and skills

training that prepare low-income youth for the increasingly competitive

local job markets.

Prominent speakers will include Hugo Martinez, Salvadorian Minister of

Foreign Affairs; Ambassador

Albert R. Ramdin, Organization of American States Assistant

Secretary General; John

Sanbrailo, Pan American Development Foundation Executive Director;

Manuel Orozco, Inter-American Dialogue Director of Remittances and

Development; and Mathew Aho, Manager of Policy at Americas Society and

Council of the Americas. Other speakers will include representatives

from U.S.-based Salvadorian Diaspora groups and experts from India,

Jamaica, and Mexico.

“From the beginning of this government, we have been committed to the

implementation of a new focus toward the migration phenomenon. We cannot

continue seeing the diaspora as simply a provider of remittances; we

must see it also as a relevant actor in the development of our people.

The issues that will be addressed in this conference are of particular

importance because they contribute toward the efforts of the different

actors that are involved in this process,” said Minister Martinez.

Ambassador Ramdin also added: “By partnering with the private sector and

governments in the region, diaspora communities have an opportunity to

define concrete ways to chart the development of their countries of

origin and promote peace and prosperity.”

The conference will be divided into three

panels: Strategic Alliances with Salvadorian Alliances, Lessons

Learned from Public-Private Alliances and Diasporas for the Development

of Human Capital, and Integrating Youth in the Labor Markets. It will

also include a joint press conference by Foreign Minister Martinez,

Ambassador Ramdin, and PADF Executive Director Sanbrailo.

This event is open by invitation and to accredited media. A dedicated

information website, including live streaming, will be available at