Peapod Teams with to Deliver Recipe Ingredients Straight to Home Chefs’ Doors

Smart shopping startup and leading internet grocer partnership
matches online grocery shopping with favorite recipes

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading US online grocer Peapod has partnered with, a
personalized cookbook and digital shopping platform, to seamlessly turn
digital recipes into groceries delivered to customers. The partnership
makes it simple for home chefs to select great recipes from around the
web and then send all ingredients directly into Peapod’s online shopping
cart. The Peapod alliance marks the first US retailer integration for
UK-based Whisk, having successfully partnered with the UK’s largest
online supermarkets Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and ASDA.

Found the perfect lasagne recipe online? With a click on Whisk’s “Create
a smart shopping list” button, recipe ingredients are instantly matched
to Peapod products. Users can also swap products and add additional
grocery items for delivery.

Whisk extracts ingredients from any website and maps them to Peapod’s
online products, streamlining a shopper’s process from recipe sourcing
to grocery delivery. Whisk’s intuitive shopping list helps users create
and manage digital lists anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Whisk shopping
lists can be emailed for collaboration.

“Peapod has always been about convenience, which is why we are pleased
to partner with Whisk. This partnership makes the shopper journey from
inspiration to doorstep delivery even more seamless for our customers,”
said Carrie Bienkowski, Chief Marketing Officer, Peapod. “Whisk’s smart
shopping list simplifies online shopping, allowing Peapod customers to
choose recipes online and with a few clicks, upload all ingredients into
their digital shopping cart.”

Minced garlic or garlic powder: How are all the recipe ingredients
matched with the right store products?

Using Whisk’s unique Food
, Whisk analyzes millions of recipes using Machine Learning
algorithms to draw out the relationships between food properties like
ingredients, recipes, and store-bought products.

“We have helped shoppers across the UK shop smarter and faster and are
now delighted to announce our first US retail integration with Peapod,”
commented Nick Holzherr, founder and CEO, “One of the most
exciting innovations happening in the food-tech space is data-driven
personalisation. Whisk ingests millions of recipes and hundreds of
thousands of grocery store products, updated daily. Over time, as our
algorithms learn more about individual’s preferences, we’ll be able to
help people make ever-smarter choices through crunching data.”

Through its partnerships with recipe publishers and online grocers,
Whisk seamlessly displays a “Create a Smart Shopping List” button
alongside more than 300k global recipes, allowing people to quickly make
a digital shopping list from any recipe. A list of integrated recipe
publishers is available at
Users can transfer these lists to online retailers or email and print
lists to view them as they shop in store.

Home chefs can also use Whisk to create a personal cookbook of their
favorite recipes, get tailored recipe recommendations and store shopping
lists at


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