Seedling Launches First Digital Product, Seedling Comic Studio

Mobile App Allows Kids to Seamlessly Shift Between Physical and
Digital Play

a toy and lifestyle brand offering hands-on activity kits to inspire
imaginative real-world play, announced the launch of its first digital
product, Seedling Comic Studio, a mobile app that allows kids to create
their own original comic stories. The mobile app acts as a companion to
Seedling’s physical products, offering families new ways to collaborate
and create in both the physical and digital worlds. The app is available
now as a free download in the Apple App Store.

Seedling Comic Studio features a kid-friendly interface that allows
users to start creating their own custom comics with just a few taps.
The app is loaded with classic comic book assets including speech
bubbles, backgrounds and stickers, and users can also import personal
photos from their device’s camera roll to integrate into their comics.
Additional theme packs that include stickers and backgrounds will be
available via in-app purchase, and Seedling companion physical products
can also be ordered directly within the app via Apple Pay.

“Today’s kids are used to shifting their play between the real world and
digital world, and their toys should enable them to do this seamlessly,”
said Phoebe Hayman, co-founder and CEO, Seedling. “Our activity kits are
the perfect foundation upon which to create a digital offering that
allows kids to easily integrate everything they create in the real world
into a digital experience. With Seedling Comic Studio, kids can create
amazing custom comics that incorporate personal images, making them the
center of their own comic story, and we can’t wait to see what they come
up with.”

Key features in Seedling Comic Studio include:

  • Themes: Three full themes (Comic, Pixel, and Space) are
    included in the free app download, with more available via in-app
  • Stickers: Bring your comic to life with colorful sticker
    effects, costumes, and props.
  • Bubbles: Tell your story with speech bubbles, thought bubbles,
    captions and freeform text.
  • Backgrounds: Use your own photos and play with filters as panel
    backgrounds, or choose from a library of custom background
  • Custom Pictures: Fans of Seedling’s popular superhero cape and
    mask activity kits can incorporate pictures of kids wearing their
    masks and capes into their comics.
  • Cutouts: Easily cut people or objects out of existing photos
    and incorporate them into your custom comics.
  • Shop: Browse and buy Seedling’s popular real-world superhero
    products using Apple Pay on supported devices.
  • Share: Create and share your custom comic creations with
    friends and family.

Founded in 2007 by Phoebe Hayman, Seedling is known for its
award-winning activity kits and toys and has more than 350 products that
inspire kids to explore and engage in open-ended play. In November 2014,
Seedling merged with the e-commerce company P.S. XO, and co-founders
Soleil Moon Frye (actress/entrepreneur) and Kara Nortman (venture
capitalist) joined the Seedling board and continue to play important
roles at the company.

Seedling Comic Studio is available for free download on iPhone, iPod
touch and iPad devices through the Apple
App Store

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Seedling is an internationally-recognized toy and creative lifestyle
brand offering a rich catalog of high-quality real-world and digital
products designed to help fuel children’s imaginations. Founded in 2007
by Phoebe Hayman, Seedling has quickly grown into an international brand
selling its over 350 imaginative activity kits and toys online and in
the most respected retail outlets around the globe. Seedling is
headquartered in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles, and has a
manufacturing facility in New Zealand.


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