T-Mobile Lights Up Greater Cincinnati Area With Extended Range LTE





The Un-carrier™ today confirmed its Extended Range LTE, or 700 MHz
low band spectrum, which now carries T-Mobile’s LTE signals both
farther and deeper indoors than before, is now live throughout the
greater Cincinnati area.

With a rapid deployment of a nationwide LTE footprint that reaches
over 303 million Americans, “The Nati” is now lit up with T-Mobile’s
best in-building coverage offering.
Extended Range LTE Coverage

T-Mobile has been rolling out truckloads of new spectrum that
carries the LTE signal twice as far from towers, for a massive
coverage expansion – plus it’s four times better in buildings than

In the past year, T-Mobile has aggressively rolled out airwaves
known as 700 MHz in 246 major metro areas including cities such as
Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Cleveland, so you can use your
compatible phone to get great 700 MHz coverage while visiting
friends and family in those cities.

Extended Range LTE also enhances coverage in other areas already
served by our strong 4G LTE network, so T-Mobile LTE customers
there can experience better coverage in suburban and rural areas
because the signal reaches further and penetrates deeper than
before. So whether you are downtown enjoying Fountain Square,
riding the thrilling roller coasters at Kings Island or eating
authentic German food at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport – your
coverage doesn’t have to be sacrificed.


Customers with 700 MHz-compatible devices can already see the
benefits. Check your device compatibility or upgrade through JUMP!
On Demand™ by visiting http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phones.lte-band-twelve.html.



In addition to the city of Cincinnati, 700 MHz now also extends to
Un-carrier customers in Mason, Middletown, Hamilton, Lebanon,
Bellefontaine, Urbana, Troy, Oxford, Price Hill, Norwood,
Sharonville, Covington (KY), Florence (KY) and Lawrenceburg (IN).



“The Queen City” is just the latest to receive T-Mobile’s best
in-building coverage as performance enhancements of America’s
fastest nationwide 4G LTE network never stop.

In addition to delivering America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE
network, T-Mobile has unleashed a steady drumbeat of
industry-rocking Un-carrier moves, including abolishing restrictive
annual service contracts, data limits, shock overages, the upgrade
runaround, high international roaming charges and many more
old-guard carrier practices.

Fastest LTE network based on download speeds.

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