Takl Announces Expansion into Houston Area with Fast-Growing On-Demand Home Services App

More than 3,100 Local Providers Signed Up to Serve Southeast Texas As
Takl Continues its National Expansion

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#chores–Nashville-based Takl,
a national leader in on-demand home services and maker of the
app-based mobile platform that connects providers and users, today
announced its entry into the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding
southeast Texas region serving over 41 cities in the area. Click
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. Takl has signed up more than 3,100 local home service
providers to perform small jobs and chores for users of the app in the
area. Takl providers are available on-demand to provide homes and
businesses with a wide range of chores and tasks at pre-set prices.

The Takl app is the only on-demand, pre-priced mobile platform for both
business and home use with small jobs for $400 or less. Customers can
also post a custom chore or job with a price that providers can either
accept or bid on in a real time auction format. The app also allows for
task customization and additional add-on chores by the customer once the
provider arrives on site.

Takl users can have a provider arrive in about an hour to perform a
small job or chore. They can also schedule the job for a future reserved
day and time. Every one of the over 400 chores is pre-priced with a
detailed description included so that both users and providers have
equal expectations.

The on-demand app connects self-employed providers who have passed background
with both home and business users who need chores
and small jobs completed
. Popular chores and small jobs include lawn
, house or office cleaning, junk removal, small
and custom jobs.

Since launching in Nashville in July 2016, the company has expanded into
ten states as part of its national roll-out including Alabama, Arizona,
California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Texas and Tennessee. Currently, Takl offers service to more than 500
cities with over 20,000 vetted background checked providers, available
to perform chores as part of the Takl app, with another 40,000 still in

In the coming weeks, the company will expand its service areas in Texas
and Southern California, and continue its west coast expansion with the
introduction of its on-demand service into Northern and Central
California including the San Francisco Bay Area, and into various
metropolitan areas in Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts and the Northeast
U.S. inclusive of the Washington D.C. and Boston metropolitan areas by
early June.

“Takl is the only on-demand platform which allows for competitive
pricing in multiple markets for customers,” said Takl Chairman and CEO
Willis Johnson. “We offer people immediate help with small chores and
jobs with our easy-to-use app.”


Nashville based Takl was founded in August 2015 and its CEO and
Chairman, Willis Johnson, 69, is a seasoned start
up veteran
who was named a regional Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of
the year in 2004. His company, Copart (CPRT), was ranked at the top of
Deloitte’s “The Exceptional 100” list of companies in 2015 and his “rags
to riches” story took him from owning one auto scrap yard to heading up
a multi-billion dollar global business and has been published in his
autobiography “Junk to Gold.”

Under Johnson’s leadership, Copart revolutionized the auto auction
industry through the development of an Internet auto auction platform
that connects buyers and sellers in real time bidding. Similarly, the
Takl platform connects home service providers of all kinds to other
people needing on-demand help with small chores and tasks utilizing its
proprietary mobile technology.

In addition to Willis Johnson, fellow co-founders include Greg McCollum
of Franklin, who has over 30 years of experience as a general contractor
in the Nashville area, and Steven Cohan, who teamed up with Johnson 25
years ago in the early days of Copart and currently serves on Copart’s
board of directors. Other key members of the senior management team
include Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson, Chairman of the Tennessee
Commerce and Labor Committee and Lee Crisp, former President of Pepsi
MidAmerica and holder of 45 technology patents applied throughout the
beverage industry.

More information on Takl can be found at www.takl.com.


Takl, Inc.
Jack Johnson, 615-739-7961
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