The Sloan Firm Seeks to Achieve Record of Custom-Fitting and Donating 10,000 Bike Safety Helmets for Kids by Summer 2017

Fulfills Role of First National Ambassador for Heads In Helmets
Safety Program, Encourages Others to Get Involved

LONGVIEW, Texas & HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#headsinhelmetsThe
Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson & Smith Law Firm
pursuing a goal of custom-fitting and donating its 10,000th
bicycle safety helmet by or before Aug. 1, 2017, while fulfilling its
role as the first national ambassador of the Heads In Helmets safety
program. Additionally, the firm is appealing to other law firms,
businesses, and organizations throughout the United States to get
involved in Heads In Helmets.

The mission of the Heads In Helmets program is to promote awareness and
prevention of traumatic brain injury in children. Heads In Helmets
provides free helmets that are color coded by size with a retail value
of $15 each. The Sloan Firm became the first national ambassador of the
Heads In Helmets program in June 2013. Since then, its attorneys and
volunteers have custom-fitted and distributed more than 7,800 free
safety helmets during festivals, church fairs, health and safety expos,
and other special events in northeast Texas and the greater Houston
area. To date, The Sloan Firm’s commitment to funding, staffing and
promoting the Heads In Helmets program comes directly from the firm’s
operating budget. No fundraisers or solicitations aid in the Sloan
Firm’s affiliation with the Heads In Helmets organization.

Volunteers and staff affiliated with The Sloan Firm and the Heads In
Helmets program recorded the custom-fitting and donation of 348 bicycle
safety helmets on Oct. 22, 2016, at the First Baptist Church Fall Fest
in Longview, Texas. The firm’s involvement in this recent event brought
the total number of helmets donated and custom-fitted to more than 7,800.

“Head injuries can result in death or long-term disabilities for both
children and adults. A child is 14 times more likely to receive a fatal
injury if he or she is not wearing a helmet,” explained Kevin Fullen,
National and Texas Ambassador for Heads In Helmets and administrator for
The Sloan Firm’s Longview and Houston offices. “We love showing kids
that wearing a safety helmet is cool. At our helmet fitting events, we
encourage kids to personalize their helmets with stickers and other
decorations. We supply a broad range of stickers to appeal to a variety
of interests, ages, and cultures.”

“We have attorney Howard Spiva of Savannah, Ga., to thank for starting
this program. And we encourage other law firms, businesses of all sizes
and types, schools, churches, hospitals and anyone who cares about the
health and safety of children to get involved in Heads In Helmets,”
Fullen commented.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helmet
use can reduce the risk of bicycle-related head injury in children and
teens by about 80 percent. This is what drove Howard Spiva, the founding
partner of Spiva Law Group, to create The Justice 4 Children Foundation
and the Heads In Helmets safety program in 1999 in Savannah, Ga. The
mission of this program is to provide free safety helmets as a means of
promoting awareness and prevention of these traumatic head injuries
among children and teens.

“It is refreshing to see the smiling faces of the kids and their parents
when we properly fit them with their free bike safety helmets. To know
that we are truly making a difference in helping prevent traumatic brain
injury in such a tangible way is sometimes overwhelming. I enjoy meeting
and visiting with the recipients of these safety helmets. These events
give me, our staff and volunteers the opportunity to speak with parents
and guardians about the Heads In Helmets program and how it benefits so
many,” commented Kena Ridge, a board member for Heads In Helmets and a
legal assistant with The Sloan Firm.

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