Ultra Mobile Launches Mobile Phone Plans for Latinos with Free Talk, Text to Latin America

Ultra MobileTM, a wireless phone and mobile money services company focused on improving customers’ lives, launched the only unlimited US voice, text and 4G data mobile phone service that includes up to 1,000 minutes of free direct-dial international calls, including mobile-to-mobile calls, and unlimited text to Latin America. With plans starting at $29-a-month, Ultra Mobile offers customers SIM cards that work on virtually any unlocked mobile phone to access its nationwide GSM network. Ultra also provides its customers with Call Me Free, a complimentary service that provides local access numbers to anyone located outside of the United States, including Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador, Peru and Argentina, to call the company’s subscribers in the United States for free. Like the company’s unlimited global texting service, Call Me Free comes standard on all Ultra Mobile plans. Ultra Mobile is eliminating the need for calling cards and global texting add-ons by including international communication as standard on all of its no-contract mobile plans. In addition, the company intends to utilize its wireless platform to offer customers convenient mobile money services for paying bills, making purchases, and sending money to Latin America.

“It’s time for a mobile carrier to offer an inexpensive way to call, text and send money to family and friends in Latin America in the palm of your hands,” said David Glickman, CEO of Ultra Mobile. “With Ultra Mobile, the days of using inconvenient calling cards or expensive wiring services to call or transfer money to Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, Haiti or other Caribbean or Latin American countries will soon be over.”

The Ultra Mobile team recognized the need for mobile services that would be customized to Latino needs. The data on growing Latino cell phone usage and money transfers is compelling:

  • The native born are more likely than the foreign born to use non-voice applications on a cell phone – 74 percent vs. 48 percent1, illustrating that voice is important to many immigrants, while the second generation is embracing newer technology such as texting
  • 78 percent of Hispanics use text messaging/SMS services2
  • Hispanics lead in mobile activity with 55 percent of Latinos accessing the Internet at least weekly, and performing multiple advanced activities monthly or more often (versus 34 percent of non-Hispanics)3
  • In 2009, money transfers from the United States to other countries totaled more than $48 billion, nearly 30 percent more in inflation-adjusted terms than they were in 2000. People in Mexico receive more of the remittances than do residents of any other country.4

“Ultra Mobile plans are perfect for Latinos who previously relied on calling cards,” said José Quiroz, Jr., a wireless store owner of Plaza Mobile and Plaza Dorada/Servicios Directos, which serve the Latino and Caribbean communities in New Jersey. “Ultra Mobile users can easily make and receive low-cost direct calls on their mobile phones to anyone in Latin America just as they would make calls to across the street. Combining this wireless phone service with Call Me Free and mobile money is a whole new approach and will undoubtedly appeal to our Latino customers.”

Ultra Mobile Service

Consumers can go to Ultra.me to review plan options; find a retailer in their area that can help them to identify and purchase the right plan; or sign up for the service online. Ultra Mobile is offering three plans:

  • $29 per month for unlimited talk and global text;
  • $39 per month for unlimited talk, text and HSPA data and around $5 credit, or 250 minutes of international calling;
  • $49 per month for unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of 4G data and $20 credit for about 1,000 minutes of international voice, depending on the country a subscriber is calling.

The credits toward international calls are billed at the following rates, based on Ultra’s $49-a-month plan:

Americas     Rate    


Argentina $ 0.020 1000
Brazil $ 0.020 1000
Brazil Mobile $ 0.065 308
Canada+ $ 0.020 1000
Chile $ 0.025 800
Colombia Mobile $ 0.060 333
Colombia Cities $ 0.020 1000
Dominican Republic $ 0.030 667
Dominican Republic Mobile $ 0.090 222
Ecuador $ 0.105 190
El Salvador $ 0.130


Guatemala $ 0.070 286
Guatemala Mobile $ 0.125 160
Haiti+ $ 0.230 87
Honduras $ 0.125 160
Jamaica $ 0.055 364
Mexico $ 0.020 1000
Mexico Mobile $ 0.040 500
Peru $ 0.020 1000
Trinidad $ 0.085 235
Venezuela $ 0.025 800

(+ Includes mobiles in that country)


Ultra Mobile is a mobile phone carrier providing convenient and affordable mobile services that connect individuals with their extended families and friends living around the world. As the first nationwide MVNO with inexpensive international direct-calling and free international texting, the company operates a high-quality GSM network with more than 184 million POPs. Learn why everyone’s talking about Ultra Mobile at Ultra.me and follow the company on social media at Facebook.com/AskUltra and Twitter.com/AskUltra.


2 http://www.slideshare.net/ikinser/nielsen-state-ofthehispanicconsumer-2012