Vention Expands Online Offering with Polyimide Tubing Catalog

Vention Expands Online Offering with Polyimide Tubing Catalog

Vention Medical announced today the launch of a new online Polyimide Tubing Catalog, expanding its online offering that gives customers quick and easy access to thousands of ready-to-ship components used in a wide range of medical device applications.

With online ordering, medical device engineers can speed product development timelines by avoiding the wait for price quotes and long lead times. More than a thousand components are available for immediate shipment, and custom items can be delivered in as little as a few days to two weeks. With very low minimum orders, customers can save costs by ordering only what they need.

“Our customers are all about getting products to market faster,” said Bruce Nichols, vice president and general manager of Vention’s Polyimide business unit (formerly RiverTech Medical). “We now have more than 150 configurations of polyimide tubing available for immediate order, so you can get small quantities in a fraction of the time it takes for custom orders. That helps compress your product development timelines.”

Polyimide tubing is ideal for minimally invasive, low-profile medical devices because of its extremely thin walls and tight-tolerance inner and outer diameters. Examples include cardiovascular, peripheral, neurological and urological catheters and devices.

Vention Medical is an industry leader in medical tubing, offering single-lumen, multi-lumen, coextruded, polyimide, composite, multi-layer, braided and coil-reinforced tubing.

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Vention Medical is an innovative, global medical device solutions partner offering clients more than 30 years of experience in all phases of design, component manufacturing and finished device assembly. Vention Medical specializes in components and services used in interventional and minimally invasive surgical products, including catheters, balloons, advanced extrusions, heat-shrink tubing, multi-layer tubing, polyimide tubing, braid-reinforced and composite tubing, clean room injection molding, complete device assembly and packaging services. Visit Vention at