What Cosmetics Are on the Dressing Table of Hae-Ryeong Bong in K-Drama ‘Happy Home’?

Accoje to release ‘Hydrating Aqua Line’ by signing a product placement

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A Korean brand Accoje will release three types of ‘Hydrating Aqua Line’
products by product placement in MBC drama ‘Happy Home.’
weekend drama ‘Happy Home’ is a home drama illustrating episodes of Bong
family to open a Chinese restaurant ‘Happy Home.’ The drama is
establishing the solid position with the well-made story and characters.
Especially the ratings of the recent episode #24 reached 17.9%,
continuously breaking its records.

Hydrating Aqua Line of Accoje will be variously displayed in place where
characters act, including the main character Hae-ryeong Bong (Actress
So-yeon Kim).

Product placement by Accoje is Accoje Hydrating Aqua Line products,
including Accoje Hydrating Aqua Toner, Accoje Hydrating Aqua Lotion, and
Accoje Hydrating Aqua Gel Cream, three products in total.

A spokesman of Accoje said “The new Hydrating Aqua Line gives ample
hydration to the skin to moisturize and add liveliness, containing
natural ingredients such as Jeju-grown radish.” The spokesperson added
that “We want to reach customers more closely and become more familiar
by product placement in ‘Happy Home’.”

Accoje Hydrating Aqua Line of 3 products will be launched in the first
half of this year.

Based on its philosophy, “To give the most treasured,” Accoje is true
eco lifestyle beauty brand with primordial pureness and strong vitality.
Ceaseless research and development rigorously select natural extracts,
pursuing the optimal formula to harmonize with the skin. Accoje products
are manufactured in Jeju Eco factory equipped with CGMP facility.

Accoje presents eight products, including toner, emulsion, cream, eye
cream, cleansing foam, serum, and sheet masks etc containing Echinacea,
red beet, and Jeju acanthopanax extracts, in Lotte Duty Free Jeju and
Temtem in Myeongdong.


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