When Technology Fails Us, Fitness Saves Us

24 Hour Fitness® Study
Indicates The “Work Out Effect” Is A Solution To Combat Tech Stress

SAN RAMON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#24HourFitness–Having trouble with your printer or slow computer? Brace yourself—you
may have to put up with it 40,000 more times. In a study conducted by 24
Hour Fitness, it was revealed that millions of Americans are suffering
from ‘tech stress,’ experiencing at least two malfunctions a day. From
weak Wi-Fi connectivity and poor cell signals to temperamental office
printers and computers, 65 percent of U.S. adults say they regularly
lose their cool because of unreliable technology. The average American
experiences two forms of tech problems in some form each day. That
mounts up to an incredible 40,880 occurrences of tech stress over an
adult lifetime. Other common triggers that get our blood boiling are
slow downloads, pop-up ads and logging in or password problems.

The poll of 2,000 Americans found devices having a mind of their own.
Restarting by themselves or not charging properly also take their toll
on our physical wellbeing. One in seven Americans has even thrown their
phone across a room in frustration after it failed to work properly.
Half of the 2,000 studied have yelled at a piece of technology and 16
percent have been reduced to tears.

Stress from technology breakdown has a physical effect, with four in ten
saying they’ve experienced a stiff neck brought on by stress, one in
four are hampered by achy joints and muscles and over a quarter suffer
from stress-induced migraines. These ailments have increased the need to
battle stress with gym workouts, yoga and getting extra rest, featured
among the best remedies.

“Fitness goals are about more than exercise. At 24 Hour Fitness, we
believe the time you spend in the gym helps make the life you lead
outside the best it can be, and that includes helping you deal with the
daily stress of technology breakdown,” said Mike Carney, Vice President,
Marketing, 24 Hour Fitness.

Tech stress strikes most often in work environments. Followed most
closely by interruptions where attempting important conversations with
colleagues. More than half of those polled said tech stress often
strikes when they are up against the clock on a deadline, or need things
done fast. One in seven has missed an important work deadline because
technology failed them. Disturbances while streaming a movie have sent a
third of Americans on to stress-filled frustrations.

The research examined the link between stress levels and
exercise/movement and found as many as 70 percent of employees feel
their job doesn’t allow them to move around enough during the day. A
fifth have argued with their partner because of a technology failure,
while more than a quarter said they have missed a crucial call or text
that had big repercussions for them.

No wonder that 31 percent work out to combat modern stress. The most
popular methods to reduce stress were walking or listening to music. In
fact, 57 percent feel they get a mental boost from working out and four
in ten feel emotional benefits. The ‘workout effect’ as a solution to
combat tech stress lasts for over four hours. Well over a third of those
surveyed said if they don’t exercise regularly, they feel more stressed
and pent up.

While 85 percent subscribe to the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’
philosophy, “Science has proven how important a healthy lifestyle is,
not only for disease prevention, but also in dealing with the many
stressors of daily life. At 24 hour Fitness, we educate our members
about the value of mindful stretching, breath techniques and relaxation,
all important components of our group exercise and personal fitness
options. When you practice theses skills, you become better prepared for
enjoying daily life and managing annoying and more serious life
stressors,” said Carney.

1. Slow
2. Computer/program crash
3. Slow downloads
Poor cell signal
5. Weak/spotty Wi-Fi
6. Dropped calls
Printer jam
8. Forgetting password
9. Viruses
10. Error
11. Spam/Popup ads
12. Low/Dead battery
Login/Signup problems
14. Long page upload
15. Accidentally
deleting files
16. Delayed response
17. Overheating
Video lagging
19. Device won’t turn on
20. Missing files
Never receive text message
22. Power cable won’t charge
Hard drive/ memory card corruption
24. Device keeps restarting
Photo storage issues

2. Desktop computer
3. Smartphone
4. Printer
6. DVD / Blu Ray
7. IPad/Tablet
8. Digital camera
Video game console
10. GPS

CALCULATIONS: Two tech stresses a day- 730 a year x 56 adult years =

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