Wing Whackers iPhone Game Publishes Bilingual Children´s Books

Wing Whackers

iPhone game was launched last summer to raise awareness about the dangers wind farms pose to our beautiful and majestic raptors along with millions of federally protected birds. It provides a fun and interactive way to learn about birds, energy, and the environment while helping some of the world’s most amazing avian heroes. The team now celebrate their fans with a new take on children’s books.

Wing Whackers’ popularity is growing and with thousands of Facebook fans they decided it was time to expand their horizon. Introducing children’s books that are cross-cultural, educational, and bilingual; published both in Spanish and English. The books are great for reading out loud, and with artistically hand drawn illustrations, you can follow your avian heroes from the iPhone game.

The team behind Wing Whackers is a bunch of dedicated and crazy programmers that fell in love with these amazing raptors. ”The stories are our way to express our gratitude, and aid Last Chance Forever, an organization that works to protect and rehabilitate these birds of prey,” commented Carlee from Wing Whackers.

The Bed Time Stories are a great way to talk to young children about challenging and important topics, and also a way to build a relationship with those little ones that mean the world to you. The stories are now available for iPhone, Kindle, and Android tablets and phones. Parents interested in stories with moral and educational content can fly into the Avian Kingdom with Captain Eagle and Dr. Hoots in no time.