Zero Power Banks Extend Productivity and Mobility for People on the Go

Laptop Power Bank and Mini Power Bank Enable Charging of Laptops,
Tablets and Other Mobile Devices Anywhere without the Need for an AC

International Limited
, a global manufacturer of and standards-setter
of mobile power solutions, today announced the launch of the Zero Laptop
Power Bank and Mini Power Bank. Designed for people “on the go,” the
Power Banks give users of laptops and other mobile devices increased
mobility by allowing them to charge their devices throughout the day
without the need for an AC outlet.

The 15,000mAh Zero Laptop Power Bank provides approximately six hours of
charging time for compatible laptops and mobile devices from Acer, ASUS
Netbook, Compaq, Dell, HP Envy, IBM, Sony PSP, Thinkpad, and Samsung.
Designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, the sleek Mini Power
Bank provides a capacity of 2,600mAh to provide 4.5 hours of super-fast
charging. Both Zero Power Bank products feature dual USB output ports
and are designed to monitor temperature and protect devices from
over-charging and over-heating, preventing short-circuiting and
potential damage.

“People are increasingly relying upon their mobile devices, and the
advanced applications being run on them, to keep them in touch, increase
their productivity, and provide them with entertainment,” explained
Steve Fleischli, Vice President of Sales at Zero International U.S. “Our
Power Banks address the issue of limited battery capability in mobile
devices by providing users with a portable, safe, simple-to-use solution
for recharging their devices whenever needed.”

The Zero Laptop Power Bank and Mini Power Bank are sold together in a
combo pack and are currently available through Sam’s Club (
at a MSRP of $79.97.

For more information on Zero International Limited and its family of
power solutions for mobile devices, visit

About Zero International Limited

Established in 1997, Zero International Limited is the leading
manufacturer and standards-setter of mobile power in China. With over
one billion total units sold, Zero is one of the largest battery, power
and accessory manufacturers in China. The company’s 1.7 million square
foot facility houses its manufacturing, research and development, and
service departments enabling its US-based sales and support teams to
deliver to customers superior product quality and value.


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