Don’t Expect To See Chaz Bono In Outrageous ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Costumes

Chaz Bono is confirmed to take part in "Dancing With The Stars" this season but if you are hoping to see Cher’s son wiggle his hips in the outrageous costumes that have become associated with the show, think again.

“I will wear a tasteful tux,” Bono told me just before the big announcement when I asked him what he would wear on the Emmy’s red carpet — making it clear that the outrageous fashion his mom loves to wear isn’t his style or his fiancée Jenny’s.

“I doubt Jenny will be in Bob Mackie [one of his mother favorite designers]. Jenny is too classy, not that Bob isn’t,” Bono quickly added realizing exactly what he had just said about his mother. “I’m on bad feet here. I don’t see her doing Bob Mackie. I know she likes DVF. She wore her on Oprah.”

Currently getting into shape for the competition by hitting the gym, Bono is also busy making a follow-up special to his Emmy nominated documentary, “Becoming Chaz,” for Oprah’s OWN network. Bono also Hopes at some point to write a book and a film for transgender teens — he’s also still working on that beard.

“I’m not going to shave,” for the Emmys Bono tells me. “I will trim and it will look ordered. I’m not going to shave for a while.”

Expect to see a hairy but tastefully dressed Chaz Bono Waltzing onto your TV for ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” season premiere on September 19.

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