Whole Foods Coming To Williamsburg Waterfront?

A case of there goes the neighborhood? Retail giant and organic foods emphasizer Whole Foods is apparently eyeing a spot on the Williamsburg Waterfront. According to the Observer, the supermarket is said to be looking into the Monster Island arts centre, which is closing due to high property costs, for its hip new location.

While there isn’t a location in the borough quite yet, Whole Foods made its official claim on Brooklyn territory back in November of last year. The Gowanus Canal Whole Foods is slated to open in 2012 but will makes its debut after years of delays, neighborhood concerns, and environmental worries over the canal’s toxic levels.

Vashti Windish, director of the gallery Live With Animals, discusses the art centre’s community value.

“Monster Island has become one of the last standing institutions of what Williamsburg once was, a hub of creativity and excitement. The closing of it is very sad,” said Windish.

The arts centre will be hosting a free party so community members can wish farewell, and maybe even say hello to organic food.

Below is a video of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing at Monster Island.

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