JarabeDePalo marks 18 years of rockin’ music!

If you are a sucker for classic Spanish rock music like I am, then you would know exactly who Jarabe De Palo is. VOXXI had…
JarabeDePalo marks 18 years of rockin’ music!

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If you are a sucker for classic Spanish rock music like I am, then you would know exactly who Jarabe De Palo is. VOXXI had an intimate one-on-one with lead singer Pau Dones, who talked about the band’s latest album, “Somos,” and their recent tour, which is nothing but promising.

JarabeDePalo in Miami Beach’s Fillmore presenting the bands’ ninth studio album “Somos.”  (VOXXI/Jessica Lucia Roiz)

They are one of the renowned Latin alternative bands from the nineties still going strong today, originating in Barcelona, Spain in 1996.

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In 2008, they went independent, founded their own record label and changed their name to JarabeDePalo (yes, it’s the same, but all one word).

Now, the band is celebrating 18 years of trajectory with the release of their ninth studio album and kicked-off a new tour.

“‘Somos’ is a rock and funk album with 12 new unpublished songs,” Pau Dones told VOXXI. “Songs that have a message, like always, with a couple of ballads and good collaborations,” stating that JarabeDePalo’s music is made to listen and not to hear.

After releasing the album under their record label Tronco Records S.L., the band embarked a tour to present it.

JarabeDePalo spark new adventures

JarabeDePalo began promoting “Somos” in Barcelona and Madrid before venturing out to North and South America.

The current tour consists of more than 20 dates which began in the United States in March and will end in the fall.

In addition, the band is playing in many cities and at reputed U.S. venues for the first time in their musical trajectory. They recently played Miami Beach’s Fillmore at The Jackie Gleason Theater, where the band  delighted a full house at a sold-out event.

“I have been here [Fillmore] many times as a spectator and now we are finally playing here,” the Spanish singer said prior to the show.

Sharing that same excitement via Twitter.

Although the band has rocked out for nearly 20 years, they are ecstatic about visiting new places, such as Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta and Paraguay, and if confirmed, Dallas, Houston and Brazil, where they plan to perform five shows.

Pau also told VOXXI that aside introducing the new tracks, their repertoire has the classic hits we love including “La Flaca,” “El Lado Oscuro,” “Depende,” “Grita,” “Agua” and “Bonito.”

“One of the things which we [JarabeDePalo] can all be proud of about this almost 20-year career is that we wrote songs that form part of the lives of many people,” Dones said.

When asked what’s next for JarabeDePalo after this enticing tour, Dones simply said “No lo se!” as for the singer spent the first 10 years of his career thinking about tomorrow and missed living the present.

“I’m the type of guy that thinks very little of the future,” he said. “No lo se!

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