Los Autenticos Decadentes celebrates 25 years of success

“We played poorly, the band was a chaos… And it wasn’t just one playing poorly, it was all of us!” explains amused Martin Lorenzo, drummer…
Los Autenticos Decadentes celebrates 25 years of success

“Los Autenticos Decadentes.”(Credit: Facebook)

“We played poorly, the band was a chaos… And it wasn’t just one playing poorly, it was all of us!” explains amused Martin Lorenzo, drummer of the band Los Auténticos Decadentes.

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Then he considered the chances to record an album a miracle. No wonder the first CD of the band was titled “El Milagro Argentino.”

“Now we play a little bit better,” said Lorenzo with a tone of resignation. “We are popular.”

Twenty five years ago, a group of friends who enjoyed playing music together decided to share their music with friends and neighbors. They were informal and didn’t play very well. But there was something about them that started to attract a bigger audience show after show.

Their music was a mix of rock, popular ballads, ska, cumbia and other tones, all mixed in a very danceable style, with funny lyrics. They still keep that spirit which make Los Auténticos Decadentes one of the most popular bands in Latin America.

They just released a music video, “Y la banda sigue” (The band goes on) in which they recap their history with a touch of irony.

“The video  is a parody of the band’s history,” said Lorenzo over the phone from Buenos Aires. “It is true that we didn’t know much about music and we didn’t want to work.”

On the stage, they look —and sound— like a group of musician having fun and telling stories with their music. And those stories are about the average citizens and things that happen to them in real life.

For instance, the song “Something you have to eat,” talks about the conflict of a person who likes meat but feels the pressure from vegetarians, “I love animals/I like them to have a good life/ignoring their destiny/in the field and without stress/I love animals/but I like good food too/and medium rear meat/is what make me crazy.”

With simple rime and irony, this and other songs became part of daily life, popularized by the radio and live shows, and later sang on soccer stadiums. Los Auténticos Decadentes join the trend of similar bands in Argentina, such as Bersuit, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and others.

Los Auténticos Decadentes means The Authentic Decadents.

“The name came naturally to the three original founders of the band,” said Lorenzo. “They used to call ‘decadent’ what happen to them at that point: no job, no money to go to dances and no luck with girls…”

Los Auténticos Decadentes released ten albums and as part of its anniversary, later this year they will release the eleventh CD.

Love affair

The popularity of the band reached other countries such as Mexico.

“We love popular Mexican music,” explained Lorenzo. “I am talking about Los Bukis, Los Tigres del Norte… and the boleros!”

A couple of years ago, Los Auténticos Decadentes performed with Mexican singer Julieta Venegas in what Lorenzo call “a beautiful experience”

They feel this love is mutual, and since 1995 the band plays regularly to sold out audiences all over Mexico.

The future

“We have many influences, nevertheless we created our own style… And this is something we won’t change,” said Lorenzo regarding the future of the band. And they will keep on playing. “We enjoy what we do, we enjoy people having fun at our shows.”

No bad for 12 friends who wanted to play music all day and not to work.

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