Top 10 pizza restaurants in Buenos Aires

Pizza is one of the weaknesses of Buenos Aires’ locals and if traveling to this wondrous city this classic shouldn’t be missed. SEE ALSO: Buenos Aires…

Pizza restaurants that you must visit in Buenos Aires. (Shutterstock)

Pizza is one of the weaknesses of Buenos Aires’ locals and if traveling to this wondrous city this classic shouldn’t be missed.

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Some dare to say that Argentine pizza is better than the Italian, which arrived at these shores in the 20th century from Europe. To back the “better than Italian pizza,” we suggest you to try at least one of our 10 best restaurant choices serving delicious pizza in Buenos Aires. It is up to you and your palate to decide if there is truth in that belief.

1. LA GUITARRITA – Cuba 3300.

This is a traditional pizza restaurant founded in 1963 by René Pontoni and Mario Boye, both soccer players. In 2006, after almost a year of being closed, La Guitarrita re-opened its doors in the district of Núñez.

It has an old neighborhood atmosphere with wooden tables, large windows, walls decorated with clubs’ flags and scarves that make this place ideal for family and friends. Their pizza maintains the original recipe and is made in a traditional wood-burning oven. They offer over 50 varieties of pizza and an extensive beer and wine menu which includes the moscato (sweet wine) served in penguins – traditional ceramic bottles.

2. PIZZA CERO – Av. del Libertador 1800, Palermo.

High-end, stylish restaurant. Perfect for special occasions, business lunches, family gatherings and romantic dinners. It’s been around for 30 years in the renown corner of the Recoleta. They serve a variety of pizzas, drinks and their own specialty cocktails.

3. PRIMAFILA – Terrazas del Buenos Aires Design, Avenida Pueyrredón 2501.

Pizza restaurants in Buenos Aires

The pizza from Argentina has its own identity and it differs from its italian counterpart while it conquers everybody’s palate. (Shutterstock)

A culinary experience not to miss. This restaurant combines typical Italian cooking methods with advanced culinary modern There you will find 4 distinct dinning areas: a train wagon, a gallery, the lounge and a terrace. An excellent choice to enjoy with friends or your partner.

The house specialty is pizza baked in a stone oven. All this to be enjoyed while listening to some good jazz.

4. SIAMO NEL FORNO – Costa Rica 5886, Palermo Hollywood.

This restaurant specializes in Neapolitan pizza. In November 2012, the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, awarded it the Siamo nel Forno prize, becoming the first certified pizzeria in Argentine history that guarantees the quality of their pizzas.

5. ANGELÍN – Av. Córdoba 5370, Palermo.

Pizza canchera was born here. It’s a thin crust pizza layered with tomato sauce and cheese which isa used to be cut in huge portions and eaten cold. The denomination “canchera” has its origin in the pizza being sold at the entrance and exit of the soccer games.

6. BANCHERO – Av. Almirante Brown and Suárez, La Boca.

This traditional pizza is worth the visit just to enjoy its specialty: the fugazza with cheese.

7. GUERRÍN – Av. Corrientes 1368.

Its specialty: medium crust pizza. The restaurant has two floors and the mezzanine, at the entrance it has a large counter where you can eat some portions standing up, ideal for the hard-pressed and hungry.

8. LAS CUARTETAS –Av. Corrientes 836.

This pizza restaurant has the classic air of the economic crisis of the 1930s. No Frills restaurant; There are no tablecloths or any unnecessary distractions, just the basics. The waiters serve the pizza on the bare table in the very same recipient it was taken out from oven, still steaming.

9. EL CUARTITO – Talcahuano 937.

This has become the Temple of Buenos Aires pizza. On the walls you can find photographs and posters which bear witness to its 70-year history. If you want to honor the traditional ‘moscato, pizza and faina’, El Cuartito is the place to go.

10. PIRILO – San Telmo

This old pizza restaurant is simple and frequented by taxi drivers who don’t hesitate to include some portions in their daily meals. Don’t expect tables and chairs, you have to eat standing… but you can enjoy your pizza with the “PJ wine,” a wine created to pay homage to Peron and Evita.

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