Maffio rises to the top with ‘Quiero Otro Amor’

Maffio’s plate is full with countless artists wanting to collaborate with him. He recently worked on Chino y Nacho’s  fiesta track “Tu Me Quemas,” and…
Maffio rises to the top with ‘Quiero Otro Amor’

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Maffio’s plate is full with countless artists wanting to collaborate with him. He recently worked on Chino y Nacho’s  fiesta track “Tu Me Quemas,” and still made time to release his own hit single called “Quiero Otro Amor.”

It’s undeniable that the Dominican star keeps rising to the top, and VOXXI got the latest on his chart-topping single.

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“I wrote the song in 15 minutes, everything flew very quick because it was just a dope song,” Maffio expressed to VOXXI about his third single, which he wrote and produced.

The singer-songwriter, who is happily married and has an adorable baby girl, has no reason to “want another love,” so what could possibly have inspired him to write this tune?

“I have friends and people that I know, that tell me their stories and problems,” he said. “I like to write about real stuff that happens in your daily life.”

He elaborated by saying that producing “mediocre or monotone stuff” is not his style. “I like to make music that people can identify with, and that people will dance to,” he added.

The hot summer single has had immense success since its debut, nabbing a position in the top 15 of the Billboard music charts.

With such boom, the humble artist has released a remix featuring Puerto Rican urban star J. Alvarez.

“When I showed him the song, he loved it. He sent me his vocals the next day,” Maffio shared about his collaboration with the “La Pregunta” singer.

Maffio could not be any more happier with the rising success and feedback for his latest record that falls in the category of merengue-electronico, a genre he created in 2008.

“‘Quiero Otro Amor’ is doing amazing! People and DJ’s are supporting the song, so it’s a blessing,” he said.

But it doesn’t stop there for the singer and producer who calls Dominican Republic, New York and Miami home.

Though he’s celebrating his much-deserved triumph with “Quiero Otro Amor,” he’s also spending time with artists such as Belinda and Oscarcito.

“I’m cooking, making new music for them, making new vibes,” he said of the Mexican pop star and Venezuelan up-and-comer. “Working with them feels like family. The whole process of writing and producing with them is magical.”

There’s no doubt that Maffio is very passionate about his career, and as loads of work keep piling up, he has only one thing to say: “I’m a workaholic, so keep on coming.”

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Merengue electronico singer and producer Maffio talked to VOXXI about how he got inspired for his new and catchy single “Quiero Otro Amor.” (Photo: VOXXI)