Trend Alert: Ugly Holiday Sweater

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Trend Alert: Ugly Holiday Sweater

So what exactly is the big commotion and craze behind the ugly christmas sweater? Is it the comically large prints of reindeer, snowmen and all sorts of Christmas applique or perhaps just a huge holiday statement odd enough to make you standout? I mean isn’t a sweater a garment that has been around for decades? If that’s what you’re thinking, and your thought is completely correct, let me just fill you in on the latest trend (which by the way has been around for quite sometime now). Whatever the exact reason behind this now very popular trend for the holidays,  it’s definitely worth knowing how it started and why it’s become so popular. Back in the day and even now, what we label as “ugly” used to be one of those typical gifts we would receive from either our grandparents or even parents (myself included) because they thought it was just too adorable. Now that same sweater has become a popular theme for holiday parties where the uglier the sweater the better you look. In a way I think it’s a brilliant idea because you wont have to worry about what to wear, and it will be about the only time where looking odd is totally acceptable.


mattyEven celebrities like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Matt Damon and many many more have been in on this trend, so please not even for one minute think you’re alone. (Pictures from MTV.COM)hmJust because these sweaters are labeled as “ugly”doesn’t  mean that we cant style them to make them look as cute as possible! I mean isn’t that what fashionistas are for? You can definitely wear this as chicly as possible with a pair of denim, clutch and cute boots, no need to worry about looking “weird” Remember, it is an ugly sweater after all. lakersThere are Ugly sweaters even for the sports fanatics, it definitely does not get any better than this. This colorful woven design and rib-knit accent for a timelessly terrible look! perroEven your pet can join the fun, It just wouldn’t be fair to leave them out the ugly x-mas sweater tradition. Believe it or not there are many options and places where you can shop for ugly sweaters for your pet, there is no excuse to exclude them. targetAre you the creative type and want to be the oddest one of all at the party? Well there’s an Ugly Christmas sweater kit just for you! You can now rock your very own personalized sweater.