27 reasons to sing Happy Birthday Rihanna (loudly)

27 reasons to sing Happy Birthday Rihanna (loudly)

It’s quite jaw draping to know Rihanna makes about $48 million per year (Forbes says) and she’s only 27 years-old. All it takes is listening to “We Found Love” to understand she’s worth every single cent she earns. But hey, like MasterCard says, there are certain things money can’t buy, talent is one of them. In celebration of the bad girl’s, Riri, birthday we are listing 27 reasons why Rihanna totally deserves a unanimous happy birthday from everyone:

1- With an Irish Barbadian father (Ronald Fenty) and a Afro-Guyanese mother (Monica Braithwaite) Riri is like the walking image of multiculturalism. A true melting pot.


2- Rihanna’s didn’t have an easy childhood: her dad was addicted to crack cocaine, alcohol and marihuana and her parents had a very turbulent marriage. Yet she managed to push through all of that and chased her dreams until she became the raising star she is today.

3- Riri and her two siblings, Rorrey and Rajad all have names that start with R. Creativity runs in the family?

4- Her first business was selling clothing on the streets with her dad, this chica has never been afraid of hard work.

5- She signed her first record and moved to NYC at age 16.

riri 2

6- Her first single “Pon De Replay” hit the Billboard Chart Top Five.

7- She confessed to being beyond nervous the first time she met rapper Jay-Z.

8- She won her first Grammy for best song with “Umbrella” (feat. Jay-Z) in 2008.

9- In 2006 Rihanna created the Believe Foundation to help terminally ill children.

10- Her body is so hot, she looks amazing wearing something like this:



11- After winning the “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award in 2007, she insured her legs for $1 million (very common among celebrities.)

12- In February 21st, 2008 Barbados created an official holiday in honor of Rihanna.

13- She’s a domestic violence survivor.

14- Her mom refuses to keep expensive gifts her daughter insists on sending her. Good parenting Monica!

15- She’s clearly the boss of her own body: she posts whatever pictures she feels like on her Instagram account but had declined several offers to pose for Playboy.

16- Rihanna has two fragrances “Nude” and “Rebelle.”

17- She’s spokesmodel for Gucci.

18- She has 23 tattoos and rocks her ink proudly.

19- She was named among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2012.

20- She grew out of her tomboyish looks.


21- She was a military cadet in high school (Is that were she learned her discipline?)

22- She eats mainly junk food (and has a body like that.)

23- We specially love her “Never a Failure, Always a Lesson” tattoo.

24- She doesn’t like veggies (not something to be proud of, but many of us can relate.)

25- To this day Rihanna says her favorite single is “Diamonds” yet she’s not actually impressed by the jewelry.


26- She never graduated from high school, yet has made a very successful career doing what she truly loves.

27- Almost every pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes she wears is custom made (here’s to having designer friends!!.)


Happy Birthday Riri!!