Editorial: Trump Must Govern for All

Latino and pro-immigrant community organizations have a very important role to play in these new political circumstances
Editorial: Trump Must Govern for All
Trump celebra su triunfo en Manhattan.
Foto: Getty Images

Donald Trump’s victory was an outcome that came as a shock to Latinos and immigrants. This is a moment for concern in light of the President Elect’s message, but it is also time to be determined to defend the rights we have won and protect the most vulnerable.

Today more than ever, the United States is a divided nation. The image of a government under absolute Republican control, both Congress and the White House, makes Trump’s victory look overwhelming. The truth is that, with 99% of the votes counted, Hillary Clinton was winning the popular vote by a small margin, even though she lost the Electoral College.

It is important for President Elect Trump to be a leader for all the people of the U.S. We must make an effort to expect the most divisive candidate in recent times to be a leader able to build bridges over the gaps he created himself. His duty is to govern for everyone.

This Republican victory is causing reasonable unease within the Latino community. In Congress, hostility against immigrants was already palpable. Now, a president will arrive at the White House who, in his campaign, expressed an immigration policy of deportations and a wall. The winner is a candidate who accused immigrants and Mexicans of being rapists and murderers and of stealing the jobs of the natives.

For this reason, as a media outlet, we will maintain our commitment to our readers and our community more firmly than ever to look after their interests, defend their rights and combat any abuses that may appear. It is the role of a loyal opposition to watch over the government, acknowledge its wise choices, denounce its mistakes and judge it by its actions.

Latino and pro-immigrant community organizations have a very important role to play in these new political circumstances. It is necessary for them to continue to serve as support and as a guide in the face of the people’s anxiety over what others may say or do to them.

It does not look like the forthcoming times are going to be easy. However, we must remember a famous phrase that today has special meaning: Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength.