ADDING MULTIMEDIA Petnet Introduces The World’s First Smart Pet Bowl

Petnet SmartBowl Guides Pet Owners to Perfect Portions, Eliminating
Overfeeding and Reducing Monthly Food Expenses.

the leader in home automation products for pet owners, is introducing
the SmartBowl, an intelligent home-feeding appliance that helps pet
owners take the guesswork out of knowing how much and what to feed their

SmartBowl brings owners an easy, innovative and accurate way to adjust
their pet’s nutrition based on activity, breed and lifestyle. Using the
Petnet App, pet owners create a profile for their pet with specifics
including age, weight, and activity level. The SmartBowl guides the pet
owners from there, telling them when they’ve poured the perfect amount
of food for their pet. Owners also receive notifications from the
SmartBowl via the app, including feeding times, meal confirmations, food
supply and battery life. The product works with dry and wet food and
automatically ships more food to your home as you need it. The SmartBowl
retails for $49 and will launch in April 2016. To learn more visit

“SmartBowl cares for the way your pet eats,” said Carlos Herrera, CEO at
Petnet. “Let’s face it, knowing what and how much to feed your pet is
confusing and often leads to overfeeding. The SmartBowl fixes that by
guiding the pet owner to the perfect portions every time.”

Petnet is the creator of the SmartFeeder, an app-enabled intelligent
automatic pet feeder that empowers owners to manage feeding times and
portions to ensure health and happiness of their pets. It helps
owners monitor their pet’s eating habits and keeps them informed of
proper portions while delivering insights about compatible ingredients
based on their pet’s profile. Petnet’s food delivery service keeps track
of your at-home food supply to provide the freshest food possible for
your pets.

Petnet believes that smarter feeding is critical to improving your pet’s
health and overall quality of life. Their mission is to bring joy to all
pet owners by helping them make intelligent decisions when it comes to
their pet’s well-being. Petnet’s innovative technology platform is
powered by artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors and networks. With
the focus on pet health, all of these elements help drive Petnet’s
strategy to create greater efficiency in today’s pet food supply chain.

With 180 million dogs and cats in the US, there are now more American
households with pets than with children. Pet owners spent nearly $24
billion on pet food in 2014. And consumer spending on smart home systems
and products is expected to hit $39 billion by 2019. Petnet addresses
the food-related needs of this growing demographic with a combination of
pet food data and sensors to make proper pet feeding convenient and

About Petnet:

Petnet is the leading provider of smart home pet technologies that helps
pet-owners stay connected with their pet’s health. Petnet products are
driven by a team of designers, engineers and pet food experts who are
committed to digitizing the pet industry through next-generation
products for pet owners. The SmartFeeder was awarded the prestigious
2015 Consumer Electronics Association (CES) Innovation Award. The CES
Innovation Awards are given to products that reflect innovative design
and engineering in cutting-edge tech products and services coming to
market. Learn more about Petnet at


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