Any Gift is Possible With New Crowdfunding Mobile App Giftfund

Free iOS and Android Mobile App Allows Family and Friends to Easily
Contribute to Group Gifts for Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Baby
Registries and More

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Giftfund, the premier free crowdfunding gifting application is now
available for iOS
and Android
devices. Giftfund is the solution for the more than 65 percent of
consumers that are interested in a totally mobile path to purchase1.
The app allows users to easily contribute money toward joint gifts,
making the purchasing process simple, fun and rewarding. Perfect for
friends, family and colleagues, Giftfund provides thousands of gift
options, making any gift possible – no matter the occasion.

“Last year, when organizing a group gift for a friend, I found the
process of confirming who’s in and who’s out, collecting contributions,
and ultimately purchasing and shipping the gift difficult and time
consuming,” said Mel Basar, founder of Giftfund. “Giftfund simplifies
this process, enabling the giftee to receive that one dream gift instead
of a bunch of smaller, individual gifts, making it hassle free for
everyone involved.”

Finding the Perfect Gifts in Minutes

After downloading Giftfund, users can easily select and purchase the
perfect gifts by following a few simple steps:

  • Create a Giftfund: Log on to the app and create a unique
    Giftfund for any occasion such as a birthday, graduation, wedding,
    baby shower, holiday or just because. Users can even create a Giftfund
    for themselves and include gifts that are on their wish list. Each
    Giftfund includes information about the occasion, the deadline for
    gifting and a messaging function that allows contributors to
    communicate with one another.
  • Search Gifts: Use Giftfund’s in-app search function to
    scan thousands of products and find the best gifts, filtering by
    keywords and price range.
  • Invite Friends: Send an invite via text or email to any
    contact from within the app or simply share the unique ID number for
    the Giftfund to grant others access to a particular Giftfund. Users
    can contribute the amount desired and have the option to contribute
  • Give: Once the Giftfund ends, the planner selects which
    gifts to purchase based on funds raised. Gifts are then shipped within
    days to the giftee, along with a gift receipt and special code to see
    a full list of contributors. Any additional funds raised during the
    Giftfund are sent to the giftee as an Amazon gift card.

Your One Stop Shop for the Holidays

According to eMarketer’s Holiday Shopping Preview2, mobile
shopping is on the rise this holiday season and last year, mobile
revenue was up 111 percent.

Giftfund makes mobile holiday shopping even easier by offering a single
place to create a holiday wish list, shop for loved ones, and bring
family members together to buy grandma the gifts she’s always wanted –
all in the palm of your hands.

“During the holidays, we all struggle to find the best gifts for someone
whether we’re braving the mall or shopping from our cell phones,” said
Basar. “We hope our new app can take some of the stress out of holiday
gift giving and allow people to buy better gifts. Using Giftfund, people
can suggest the gifts they really want and find heartfelt gifts for
others without worrying about budget.”

Later this year, Giftfund also plans to expand its functionality for
wedding and baby registries, making it easier for couples and new
parents to receive the gifts they need for the next stage of their
lives. For more information on Giftfund, visit,
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About Giftfund

Giftfund is the premier free crowdfunding gifting application, perfect
for any holiday or gifting occasion. Created by Mel Basar, Giftfund is
the first mobile app from Alliant Technology Group, a provider of IT
managed service solutions for small businesses. The company recently
expanded into the app development market by capitalizing on its unique
in-house talent to develop mobile applications that could solve everyday
consumer challenges. Giftfund is their first foray into the marketplace.
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1 Merckle’s
Shopper Expectations 2015

2 The
Bloomreach Blog “Mobile shopping trends will only accelerate”


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