Back to School Means Powering up the Computer

— California Virtual Academy students return to online public school
August 29 —

SIMI VALLEY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For many area students, back to school is as simple as turning on their
computers and logging into class this fall. Students at California
Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles
(CAVA @ LA) an accredited, full-time,
online public charter school, will begin their 2016-2017 school year on
August 29 as the program marks its 14th year of operation in
the state.

CAVA @ LA is one of 10 independent charter schools in California that
use the K12
online curriculum
 to offer students in grades K–12 a unique learning
experience. The school is open to all students in grades K through 12
who reside in LA and Ventura counties.

Families enroll in CAVA @ LA for a wide variety of reasons. Some
students are advanced learners, motivated to increase their knowledge
beyond the basic course offerings, while others are athletes or
performers looking to balance a full schedule.

The innovative curriculum and technology, combined with a strong
partnership between families and teachers, allows for the
state-certified teachers to provide a personalized learning experience
for each student.

“The students that enroll in CAVA @ LA seek a personalized learning
experience that enables them to excel and explore their own learning
style,” said Kimberly Odom, Director of Special Education. “Each student
receives quality instruction and support in a one-on-one setting as they
grow throughout the year.”

As a tuition-free, full-time online public charter school, CAVA @ LA
sends students the educational materials they need at no cost to
families – the back-to-school box could include a variety of items, such
as geometry workbooks; petri dishes for hands-on science experiments;
rock samples for a geology class; or materials for classes that are
increasingly disappearing from some traditional schools, such as world
languages and art. Common household and office supplies (e.g. printer
ink and paper) are not provided.

Families who have been seeking educational choices different than the
neighborhood school down the street can discover the benefits of online
school at CAVA @ LA. With the right education, a comprehensive learning
plan that includes individualized and realistic objectives for each
child, students can reach their full potential and realize success.

CAVA @ LA is accepting enrollments for this fall. To learn more about
enrollment requirements visit
and find an in-person or online information session at

About California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles

California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles is a tuition-free, online
public school serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade who
are residents of Los Angeles and Ventura counties.
California-credentialed teachers deliver lessons in an online classroom
platform provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN) with a combination of engaging
online and offline coursework—including a wide variety of books, CDs,
videos, and hands-on materials that make learning come alive. CAVA @ Los
Angeles provides opportunities for advanced learners, and prepares
students to be college and career ready at graduation. Learn more at


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