Cadence Online Launches Parent CRAFT – Combining Science and the Power of Film to Help Parents Change Their Child’s Substance Use Behavior.

KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cadence Online has launched Parent
, the first evidence-based online solution for parents
concerned about changing drug and alcohol behaviors in their children.
This innovative online program takes the empirically-studied behavioral
science of CRAFT and brings it to life in a highly engaging, interactive
film-based course. It is universally accessible for parents whose
adolescent or young adult child is in the early stages of using, in
treatment for substance use problems, or in recovery. Parents CAN make a
difference in the substance abuse behaviors of their children.

“Parent CRAFT is the first practical, effective and scientifically based
online program available to address the overwhelming need for effective
solutions for parents concerned about drug and alcohol abuse. This is a
god-send to the over 30 million parents in the U.S. alone that are in
the same awful place I found myself of not knowing what to do when my
own child was abusing drugs and alcohol,” said A. Thomas McLellan, PhD,
chair and co-founder of the Treatment Research Institute, and former
deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), created by Dr.
Robert Meyers, is an evidence-based program that teaches parents how to
effectively interact with their children in order to change drug and
alcohol behavior. The course has three main goals: to improve the
relationship between the parent and adolescent or young adult; to reduce
the child’s problem behaviors; to help the parent get their child to
accept professional help, and to learn how to support them during
treatment and recovery.

In multiple research studies, CRAFT has proven to be over five times
more effective than traditional “tough love” approaches in getting
adolescents to acknowledge they have a problem and to accept help.

“Sometimes the first use of a drug can lead to permanent damage, or even
death. The notion of waiting for your child to hit bottom before doing
something about it is ridiculous,” said Dr. Robert Meyers, Creator of
CRAFT. “Parent CRAFT may be the first step in saving your child’s life.”

Highly engaging videos based on real-life parent-child interactions were
filmed by a multiple Emmy Award winning film director. They bring to
life interactive exercises that teach parents to understand their
child’s substance use pattern, improve their communication skills, to
develop methods of behavior management and to learn when and how to
guide them to accept professional help.

“I wanted to leverage my prior experience as the CEO of Zipper
Interactive, a video game company that made top selling entertainment
titles, into creating highly engaging interactive courses that focus on
teaching critical skills to parents,” said Jim Bosler, CEO of Cadence
Online. Jim Bosler is also the CEO of Cadence Child and Adolescent
Therapy, based in Kirkland, Wash., which has a leading outpatient
evidence-based DBT program for self-harming and suicidal adolescents.

There is no doubt we are in the midst of an addiction epidemic. Opiate
deaths now surpass car accidents as the leading cause of accidental
death in the US. Heroin overdoses have increased five times in the last
15 years. 90 percent of substance use disorders begin before the age of
18. Now help is just a click away.

“Parent CRAFT brings evidence-based science into a format that works in
a useful and meaningful way for parents to truly have an impact in
changing their child’s behavior,” said Dr. Kimberly Kirby, Director of
the Parents
Translational Research Center
at the Treatment Research Institute.

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