EdLogics and REMWorks® Sleep Store Aim to Cut Healthcare Costs by Promoting Better Sleep

Highmark Inc’s REMWorks Sleep Store and EdLogics are seeking to
improve health literacy and reduce medical claims through educational
games and cash incentives

PITTSBURGH, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#healtheducation–EdLogics, a health education-based consumer engagement company and
innovator in game-based learning, has collaborated with REMWorks Sleep
Store to improve consumer knowledge of the importance of quality sleep.
Through this initiative, EdLogics and REMWorks have developed an
incentivized, game-based health education platform that aims to improve
sleep quality and teach consumers how to manage sleep health and
associated costly health conditions.

“Quality sleep is a huge factor in an employee’s health and work
productivity. By providing sleep health tips and tools, and
incentivizing individuals to learn about the importance of sleep, we may
prevent future health problems and costly claims down the road,” says
Katie Colborn, Sales Manager of REMWorks Sleep Store. “EdLogics is the
perfect fit to provide engaging education for our customers.”

Allegheny County of Pennsylvania employees were the first to enroll in
this new program from REMWorks. The need for a platform targeting sleep
improvement is clear: the Epworth Sleepiness Assessment showed that 38.1
percent of employees experience excessive daytime sleepiness, and the
Stop Bang Sleep Assessment showed that 59.8 percent are at risk for
sleep apnea. Only 8.5% of employees reported they felt confident making
decisions regarding their health.

The EdLogics platform is making a difference. Allegheny County employees
scored an average of 67% on the sleep health baseline knowledge
assessment, which measures health knowledge before going through the
sleep health education program. By completing activities and games and
learning strategies for better sleep, employees increased their average
score to 95 percent on the sleep health final knowledge assessment – an
increase of 42 percent.

Since Allegheny County launched the REMWorks program on September 1,
2015, employee feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Using the
health literacy platform resulted in employee’s commitment to positive
behavior changes – over 70 percent said they will change their behavior
based on what they learned. A person’s behavior has a stronger impact on
health than almost any other factor, so a widespread commitment to
positive behavior changes could have a lasting impact on future health

About EdLogics:

EdLogics is an education-based consumer engagement company that provides
innovative health education and learning management solutions to
employers, health plans, healthcare providers, and the government.
Through interactive game-based learning, multimedia educational
programs, quizzes, challenges, and rewards for educational achievement,
EdLogics is transforming the way consumers learn about health. The
EdLogics’ platform makes learning fun and engaging, measures learning
comprehension, improves health literacy, and empowers consumers to take
greater responsibility for managing their health. For more information
about EdLogics, visit www.edlogics.com.

About REMWorks:

REMWorks Sleep Store opened in December 2014 in The Waterfront in
Homestead, PA to address sleep health issues and prevent related
complications resulting from common sleep disorders. Health insurer
Highmark Inc provided the resources to launch this new concept that
offers high quality patient care in a relaxing, comfortable and
innovative retail store environment. With professional Sleep Coaches on
hand, REMWorks offers products and education to improve sleep quality
and overall health that can potentially reduce future claims costs on
related medical conditions. REMWorks Sleep Store is designed to provide
solutions for a variety of sleep disorders, offering a variety of
products for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), snoring, sleeplessness,
insomnia, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and even kids sleep


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