Fairmont Private Schools Wins Top School Award at OC Science and Engineering Fair!

Students Continue on to State Competition

Private Schools
– Historic Anaheim Campus earned the Top School
at this year’s Orange County Science & Engineering Fair
(OCSEF) held at the OC Fair & Event Center on April 11-17, 2016. Six
Historic Anaheim students were invited to compete at the California
State Science Fair (CSSF) in May. They will be joined there by one
student from the Fairmont North Tustin Campus and three students from
the Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus.

Junior high students from all three Fairmont
campuses took home a total of twenty-two awards at the OCSEF, including
five 1st place wins and six Broadcom Masters Awards. Winning science
fair projects included the testing of different wavelengths of light on
the heart rate of daphnia, producing Usable Biodiesel from Algae,
Duckweed or Fryer Oil and testing the most usable Biodiesel, chemical
testing of aloe vera and caffeine on the regeneration of planaria, among

Seven Fairmont students received specialty awards, including the American
Chemical Society Award
and the American Association for Clinical
Chemistry Southern California Award
(Miranda Nicusanti, 8th grade),
the Raytheon Award and the American Institute of Aeronautics &
Astronautics Award
(Duke Pham-Change, 7th grade), Raytheon Asian
Pacific Association
(Ethan Zuo, 6th grade), CH2M Hill Award
(Sofia Riazi, 7th grade), Society for Advancement of Engineering Award
and the Harald Biessmann Award (Meagan Lee, 8th grade), National
Water Research Institute
and the Society of Women Engineers
(Sasha Ronaghi, 8th grade).

All ten 1st and 2nd place winners from Fairmont
Private Schools
will continue on to compete alongside other junior
high students at the 64th annual California State Science Fair (CSSF) on
May 23-24, 2016. The event will be held at the California Science Center
in Los Angeles and the CCSF estimates that over 940 students will
compete for awards totaling over $50,000.

Fairmont students going to the 2016 California State Science Fair

Jacob Gibbs, Fairmont Historic Anaheim, 8th grade
Park, Fairmont Historic Anaheim, 7th grade

Jennifer Cresap,
Fairmont Historic Anaheim, 7th grade

Henry He, Fairmont
Historic Anaheim, 8th grade

Meagan Lee, Fairmont Historic
Anaheim, 8th grade

Olivia Bobrownicki, Fairmont Historic
Anaheim, 8th grade

Harsha Thangavijayan, Fairmont Anaheim
Hills, 8th grade

Melina Ghodsi, Fairmont Anaheim
Hills, 7th grade

Noah Chak, Fairmont Anaheim Hills, 8th grade
Ansari, Fairmont North Tustin, 6th grade

The mission of OCSEF is “To enable students to improve their science and
engineering skills and literacy while inspiring them to consider careers
in STEM fields. We are committed to challenging students to inquire,
design, investigate, and present scientific and engineering concepts
through hands-on experimentation.”

About Fairmont Private Schools

With four campuses in the Orange County area, Fairmont Private Schools
is the oldest and largest family of private schools in Southern
California. Starting in preschool and continuing through high school
graduation, Fairmont prepares students to succeed in colleges of quality
and challenges them to become exemplary citizens of a global society.
For more information, please visit www.fairmontschools.com
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