Heliae Announces First Use of Branded TruAzta Natural Astaxanthin

Madre Labs Launches California GOLD Nutrition Astaxanthin
Supplement Product with TruAzta™ Label

in collaboration with Madre Labs Inc., today announced California GOLD
Nutrition Astaxanthin supplement caps branded with a TruAzta™ logo are
now available on iHerb.com.

Madre Labs is the first company to implement the TruAzta™ branding on
its label. The TruAzta™ labeling aids consumers in identifying
California GOLD Nutrition Astaxanthin as a high quality astaxanthin
supplement product.

“Natural algal astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant and has
been gaining momentum as a valued health supplement due in large part to
an expanding database of scientific support,” says Len Smith, chief
business officer at Heliae. “Manufacturers have options when it comes to
sourcing astaxanthin for their products, but TruAzta™ by Heliae
represents a unique value proposition among astaxanthin ingredients, due
to Heliae’s unique production method, quality, and pricing. We adopted
the TruAzta™ brand to emphasize these unique qualities of our product
and our dedication to balancing natural production methods with purity.
We are excited that Madre Labs has recognized that how astaxanthin is
made matters and is dedicated to ensuring that high quality products are
delivered to their customers.”

Heliae utilizes a unique production system to produce TruAzta™
astaxanthin which balances technology ensuring high quality and purity
standards with nature’s expertise in driving astaxanthin expression.
This yields a product produced as close to the way it has been produced
in nature for thousands of years while maintaining critical quality

California GOLD Nutrition containing TruAzta™ astaxanthin may be found
on iHerb at www.iHerb.com
and is available as 12 mg astaxanthin caps in bottles of 30 and 120
softgels. Heliae will be in attendance at Ingredient Marketplace April
18-20 in Orlando, Florida, and will be showcasing TruAzta™ in booth I32.

An applied life sciences and technology company located just outside of
Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Heliae is focused on researching and developing
algae and other underdeveloped biological platforms for commercial scale
production of products that help people live better.


Len Smith, 800-998-6536
Chief Business Officer