Hoosier Academies Opens Enrollment for 2017-2018 School Year

, a public charter school that offers a blended program
(Hoosier Academy Indianapolis) and a fully online program (Hoosier
Academy Virtual School), welcomes students in grades K-12 to enroll for
the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year. Open, tuition-free, to all
students who reside in Indiana, Hoosier Academies takes an
individualized approach to learning by providing engaging online
curriculum in conjunction with hands-on materials and instruction from
Indiana-certified teachers.

Hoosier Academies offers core courses in language arts/English, math,
science, history, art, and physical education/wellness, as well as
electives and Advanced Placement® courses for high school
students. Dual enrollment is also available, which allows students to
earn college credit and high school credit for the same course.
Additionally, the school offers an advanced learner program and
opportunities in STEM education.

“As we head into this new school year, we’re excited to engage new
families in our individualized approach to learning,” said Dr. Byron
Ernest, head of school at Hoosier Academies. “By offering blended or
fully online programs, we respect each student’s individual learning
style, encourage students to accelerate in the subjects at which they
excel and, at the same time, offer remediation in the subjects where
it’s needed.”

At Hoosier Academies, state-certified teachers provide instruction,
guidance and support, and interact with students and parents via email,
web-based classrooms, online discussions, phone and face-to-face
meetings. Hoosier Academy Indianapolis, the blended program, includes
in-person instruction for part of the week at one of the school’s two
Learning Centers. The remainder of the week includes coursework
completed online.

Students at Hoosier Academies are encouraged to participate in robust
social and extra-curricular offerings including: clubs, National Honor
Society, Junior National Honor Society, a science fair, the school
newspaper, and student government.

Hoosier Academies is now accepting enrollments for the 2017-2018 school
year. Parents are encouraged to attend one of the online or in person
information sessions hosted by the school each month. More information
on Hoosier Academies and upcoming events can be found at http://ha.k12.com/.

About Hoosier Academies

Hoosier Academies, a tuition-free, public charter school authorized by
Ball State University, offers a blend of online learning and
face-to-face instruction through two statewide programs for Indiana
families: Hoosier Academies Virtual School, a K–12 online school and
Hoosier Academies Indianapolis, a K–12 blended learning school. With
Hoosier Academies, families have access to the curriculum and tools
provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading provider of
proprietary technology-powered online solutions for students in
kindergarten through high school. For more information about Hoosier
Academies, visit http://ha.k12.com/.


Hoosier Academies
Ali Robinson, 703-483-7328