Kids Elect Hillary Clinton as President of the United States in Nation’s Largest Student Mock Election

Studies Weekly’s EveryKidVotes! initiative has correctly predicted
the outcome of the last three U.S. presidential elections

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#election–Kids across the United States on Tuesday mock-elected Hillary Clinton as
President of the United States in a student mock election. More than
700,000 students in all 50 states and the District of Columbia voted in
the EveryKidVotes!™ mock election at their participating school.

Results of the mock election on a state-by-state basis can be seen on an
election results map of the U.S. here.

EveryKidVotes! is a way for kids in our country to not only
learn about the election process but to also participate in it,” said Ed
Rickers, CEO of Studies Weekly, who arranged the mock election. “We’ll
see how this compares to the actual election on Nov. 8, but the kids
have correctly elected the president of the United States during the
past three EveryKidVotes! mock elections.”

By the numbers:

  • Hillary Clinton received 340,202 votes or 48.5 percent
  • Donald Trump received 256,944 votes or 36.6 percent
  • Gary Johnson received 51,972 votes or 7.4 percent
  • Jill Stein received 52,316 votes or 7.4 percent

Kids participated in the mock election after several weeks of learning
about civic responsibility, the election process, and the Statue of
Responsibility, a sister statue to the Statue of Liberty, to be built on
the West Coast.

Les “Pee Wee” Harrison and TyRone “Hollywood” Brown, two Harlem veteran
basketball entertainers , visited schools and state capitols during
their Drive for Responsibility tour teaching and entertaining kids and
state officials about civic responsibility and the election process.
Studies Weekly provided teachers with 10 civic responsibility outlines
to use in their classrooms in preparation for EveryKidVotes!

“It’s all about getting kids interested in our responsibilities as
citizens of the United States and then giving them the opportunity to
participate,” Rickers said.

About EveryKidVotes!

EveryKidVotes! is an initiative by the student curriculum
publication Studies Weekly. Student participants have correctly
predicted the winning candidate in all of the last three U.S.
presidential elections. EveryKidVotes! teaches civic
responsibility and the voting process.

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Responsibility Foundation is responsible for encouraging responsibility
around the globe. The advancement of the Statue of Responsibility, a
planned 300-foot monument, is one of the initiatives of the non-profit
organization. The Statue represents one of the most important
characteristics to secure the future of our country and world:
Responsibility. For more about the Statue’s story, or to make a
contribution to the program, visit


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