Korean Plastic Surgery Ensuring Safe and Sleek V-Line Facial Contouring Surgery

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–People of all age want small and defined face. Even with beautiful
features, one might not have a good appearance without a streamlined
face shape. That is because face shape is crucial to the overall image
of the face.
However, protruded cheekbone or angular jaw could
create a strong and masculine image. Therefore, facial contouring
surgery is popular among women to have a face shape that looks like
“V-line”, by getting cheekbone reduction or square jaw.

However, facial contouring should be considered seriously. It is a wrong
approach to understand the facial contouring simply to reduce the face
size and to create a V line. One should care about many factors as the
surgery might affect functional aspects, not only the external aspects.

Dr.Se-woon Choi, the director of TL Plastic Surgery advised, “As there
are numerous nerves and blood vessels around facial area, the surgery
should be considered carefully.”

According to him, there are surgical ways to create a small and defined
face shape naturally: “Body long square jaw reduction” and “Tightening
3D cheekbone reduction.” Body long square jaw reduction and Tightening
3D cheekbone reduction are more natural and effective surgical
techniques than older ones.

Body long jaw reduction corrects all the way from the square jaw bone
under the ears to the side jaw line at once, creating a narrow face. Its
resection line can be expanded to the frontal chin area to prevent
secondary angles and create a perfect jaw line in every angle.

Also, Tightening 3D cheekbone reduction surgery cuts the cheekbone
according to its shape, and provides lifting effects on the skin by
upward adhesion fixation. This allows to have a smaller face and to
prevent cheek sagging. Recovery is quicker as no muscle dissection
allows for less bruise or swelling.

Dr.Se-woon Choi added, “For a natural and beautiful face shape, there
are many factors to be considered, such as ratio of facial features and
three-dimensional effect.” He also advised that, “There are more people
who seek facial contouring surgery for its dramatic effect. However,
patients might have to face greater consequences, so reliable surgical
techniques should be applied for better and reliable results. And
patients should carefully choose where to get the surgery.”


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