Kumba Health Launches Consumer Subscription Model for Healthcare Portal

Site Promises “Concierge Light” for the 99%

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#concierge–Kumba Health, the premier high quality, direct-pay healthcare network,
announced today that it is launching a new membership portal that
enables patients to have access to the top doctors in Los Angeles with
complete pricing transparency.

Jay Goss, Kumba Health COO, said, “With Kumba, patients gain premium
access to top quality physicians in their area – access they would not
otherwise have – and at reduced rates in comparison to out-of-network
prices. Think of this as concierge light, but without the giant
upfront cost.”

As more people transition to high deductible insurance plans, and as
more doctors opt out of insurance plans altogether, many patients are
experiencing high out-of-pocket costs, long waits and short visits with
their doctors. Kumba Health seeks to alleviate this pain by giving
everybody access to top-level physicians, labs, imaging centers and
urgent care facilities – access that the current benefits system simply
does not provide.

Because Kumba patients pay directly for services (also called “cash pay”
or “self pay”) they get access to lower prices, complete pricing
transparency and expedited appointments. With 30+ medical specialties
covered, patients can easily find specialized providers, see their
prices, and book an appointment online. Also, patients that have an HSA
or FSA can utilize their pre-tax savings to pay for Kumba services.

A Kumba Health membership will be offered at $9.99 per month, or $99 per
year. Patients can enjoy a free trial of the membership for 30 days.
Employers can also offer it to their employees at a discounted rate.

About Kumba Health

Kumba Health is a hand-picked collection of top quality direct-pay
healthcare providers, including physicians, imaging centers, labs and
urgent care facilities. By paying direct and not using insurance,
patients get access to fully transparent pricing, prompt appointments
and cash prices. The company launched in 2015 and is actively seeking
investment to fuel its ambitious growth plan.


Kumba Health
Jay Goss, 424-354-2272
Chief Operating Officer