Marina Plastic Surgery Surgeon Dr. Luis H. Macias Introduces 360 Mommy Makeover

MARINA DEL REY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#360MommyMakeover–Luis H. Macias, M.D., F.A.C.S., a double board certified plastic surgeon
with Marina
Plastic Surgery
in Marina del Rey, CA, introduces the “360 Mommy
Makeover,” a more complete version of a traditional Mommy Makeover.
Previously, plastic surgeons performed a Mommy Makeover by focusing on
the front of the patient, doing a breast augmentation with or without a
lift and a tummy tuck. Dr. Macias felt that a Mommy Makeover could be
improved by looking at the entire body and adding fat grafting to the
procedure. This sculpts the body more and achieves an hour glass figure.
Areas which are commonly fat grafted include the depressions on the
sides between the love handles and the saddle bags, as well as the
buttocks for shape improvement or augmentation, if desired.

“I remove fat from the abdomen and love handles adding it to areas that
need it. This changes the entire body left drooping after multiple
pregnancies into a new, 360 lifted pre-pregnancy shape,” said Dr.
Macias. “It’s amazing how one extra step makes all the difference in the
way a woman’s body shape changes for the better.” Dr. Macias offers
helpful tips to anyone contemplating a Mommy Makeover.

  • Start gathering information and learning about the benefits and risks
    of your procedure.
  • It’s easy to think that plastic surgery will solve all your problems
    or make you look like a movie star. Understanding the limitations of
    surgery is essential for your overall satisfaction with your results.
  • It’s shocking but true: any licensed physician can perform plastic
    surgery without having any formal training. Look for surgeons who have
    specific training and experience in the procedures you want.
  • Telling your husband and children that you want to change your
    appearance can be a difficult step. Emphasize the positive aspects of
    your transformation, such as increased confidence and a more positive
  • Set up a time to meet with the plastic surgeon you are interested in.
    You may choose to bring your husband or older children with you to the
    appointment to help ease their minds.
  • It may help to meet with multiple surgeons until you find one who is a
    good fit. Experience, training and credentials are important, but so
    is personality and bedside manner.
  • Once you have decided on a surgeon, you should receive a quote
    regarding the surgical fees. Do some number crunching, and see whether
    this fits into your budget.
  • You’ll need a couple of weeks to recover from surgery with no work. Be
    realistic and practical, and ask for help with the kids and household
    duties so you can rest and recuperate. Getting everything in order and
    taken care of before your surgery will help you rest and relax after
    your procedure.

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