@mun2 Scores with Third Digital Original: “Larry Hernandez: El Futbolista”

@mun2 Scores with Third Digital Original: “Larry Hernandez: El Futbolista”

mun2 presents “Larry Hernandez: El Futbolista” – a mun2.tv original featuring regional Mexican superstar Larry Hernandez as an international soccer sensation who becomes torn between his Mexican roots and his American nationality when selected by the Stars & Stripes soccer team. The humorous video is the third online original by mun2.tv featuring Larry Hernandez in a highly-entertaining scenario and comes as part of the launch campaign for the highly-anticipated season three premiere of “Larrymania” – which premiered this Sunday May 4 at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST. “El Ceviche” was the most viewed video on mun2.tv in 2012 and “Larry Hernandez: El Presidente,” with over 2 million views online, is an official honoree for this year’s Webby Awards and is nominated for a 2014 NAMIC award. Click here to watch the full video: mun2.tv/shows/larrymania/larrymania-larry-hernandez-el-futbolista.

“Larry Hernandez: El Futbolista” takes Hernandez from the stage to soccer field as MVP; mun2.tv original created for season three premiere of “Larrymania” Sundays at 9pm EST/ 8 CST. (Photo: Business Wire)

In the short-form online vignette, Larry Hernandez is enjoying an afternoon at the park with his friends when he spots a group of guys playing soccer. Larry reveals that he was the “best player in his rancho” but the boys don’t believe a word of it. When an errant pass comes near Larry, he unleashes an impressive shot that wows the players and the Stars & Stripes coach who happened to be on site scouting players. Larry is selected by the Stars & Stripes soccer team

and becomes a worldwide soccer sensation, guiding his team to the championship match against his favorite true love and passion “El Tricolor.”

“Larry Hernandez: El Futbolista” is directed by Antonio Perez and written by Omar Villegas and Antonio Perez who also wrote and directed “El Presidente.”

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