New Innovative Gift Card XPRESS Service Solves the Problem of Giving Unwanted Gift Cards/“Put the Power to CHOOSE” in Recipient’s Hands

Don’t Give Unwanted Gift Cards Anymore!

Card XPRESS, Inc.
is an innovative gifting eCommerce service (
for business owners and individuals. It allows anyone to send funds as a
gift and they pick their own gift card to over 450

According to both academic and “applied” research over the past decade,
gift cards are not only the gift of preference among givers and
recipients, they are also among the best drivers of positive behaviors
and outcomes for employees. BUT … millions of Americans aren’t playing
their “cards” right. According to a 2014
CEB TowerGroup study
, $750 million on gift cards went unredeemed
resulting in a wasted gift. A new paradigm is needed. Instead of the
giver choosing the gift card, why not allow the recipient to choose?
After all, who better knows what is needed than YOU!?

easy steps

Step 1 – Sign up with promo code PRESS for 1-year Premium membership

Step 2 – Add money to balance and send gift

Step 3 – Recipient receives email notice of gift from giver

Step 4 – Recipient accepts gift, orders own gift card(s)

As an added perk, the recipient maintains complete privacy of their
choice. They also have the option to send all or a portion of funds to
someone else as a gift. Fees are based on membership level. All gift
cards ship free or via email.

Other benefits, like the Event Manager, will send email reminders to the
member when an important date is approaching. Business owners and
individuals can add dates for employee, client, customer, friends and
family. Events include holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings,
follow-ups, etc.

Gift Card XPRESS, Inc.

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Gift Card XPRESS
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